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How do you guys host dedicated servers?

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I have a pretty beefy home server that's used for storage, and hosting personal stuff including, but not limited to, gameservers such as DST.

The initial cost is somewhat high, but once you have it set up, the running costs are very minimal, especially if you don't leave it running 24/7. Also as said before, it's used for a variety of things, so I'm getting the most use for the electricy.

Some people just use their old PC as a gameserver when they upgraded to a new machine, so they get the hosting load off of their gaming machine, and for hosting servers alone, old PCs usually are enough.

If I wouldn't already have a personal server like that I'd probably rent a virtual server (preferably with dedicated cores, aka root server as some companies call them) to run whatever gameserver I feel like running on it, and I have no restrictions in terms of mods, slots or whatever. Netcup has some comparatively low prices, but I have no idea how their performance is.

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7 hours ago, nimzowitsch10 said:

I've hosted a dedicated server on my pc before and my computer starts running very hot and slow after some hours because it's not a great machine. What sort of hosting have you guys tried? I've tried nodecraft but I'm not a big fan of the prices.

You should also take into account that computer runs dozens of processes on the background, while servers only have a pure OS if they're on Linux.

Can't say nodecraft prices are that high. The worst server for 10$ is very good for small teams and is still more profitable than Discord Nitro :P

The only profit of launching dedi server on your pc is just having it running on the background if the admin/host is absent

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