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Make Fish Food More Accessible

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1 hour ago, prettynuggets said:

infinite fish food+trawl seems like too easy to mass farm fish tbh 

I think the oposite. That's was fish farming would need to become remotely competetive to crops and meat. There are many cool fish dishes that nearly never get used. 

Now is a good time to finally change something about a item most people love but no one uses. New Items are cool, but there are already some cool concepts and items in the game that have lots of potential but are missing a buff to become useful. It's sad so see cool concepts and all the work go to nothing. And fishfood is one of them for me. 

Edit: Love the idea to use barnacles to craft it. Barnacles right now get barely used, so that would be a good use!

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On 6/18/2022 at 2:26 AM, ArubaroBeefalo said:

i dont get why it cost 3 bottles, 1 bottle x many fish food feels fair. At the end, is something you unlock after many work and isnt op at all when there are other food sources that can be even absurd like volt goats or potatoe+tomaroot combo

tbh exactly, i remember that once i tried to buy fish food, grabbed all bottles i could find, came to pearl, afforded only few, they really cost a lot counting that their whole use is to spawn and lure fish, also you can even access it only at friendship level of 8, moment when you probably already got all fish you needed for Pearl and probably won't be doing much fishing anymore, if it was instead cheap and would be accesable for example on level friendship of 3 it would be much better

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I got an idea that the recipe should be barnacles + corn. Barnacles are dangerous to harvest and corn requires more involvement to get than berries or seeds. That would justify the mass-producing power of that item. Besides, corn is commonly used as a groundbait in real life. It would be nice to have more uses for corn. Right now it has 2 recipes, one of which is an inside joke with some extremely niche uses and another one is kinda meh. 

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