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Advanced Door Automation (lil Feature Request)

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Hi again lovely Klei peoples!

I've been meaning to mention this for months, and I hope you agree it's worth spending the time on.

When we automate a door, can we please have a toggle for whether to Open the door upon receiving a Green automation signal, or merely Unlock the door when signalled?

Automated doors could default to acting the exact same as they always have, so as to not break any cool machines and things people have built, but having the ability to toggle what the green automation signal does to the door would be just magnificent for dupe control purposes.

I tried using the Dupe Checkpoints to restrict dupe access to areas at certain times, but it seemed if they want to get past they will actually sit there at the checkpoint and wait forever rather than say oh I'm not allowed past there right now so I will go onto some other errand?

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It's not exactly annoying, just lacking in automation control :)

Like if we have the technology to automate a door, I feel like it's a given that we can control what that automation does to the door.

I've used duplicate doors before to kinda make it work, but I think it's something the base game should be able to take care of without a workaround. I appreciate the suggestion all the same <3

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5 hours ago, Sanchozz said:

You gave me an idea. And I made this mod.

Hey where's my credit? lol thanks for such a speedy solution Sancho, u magnificent specimen u! :D

Nice work on the implementation btw, I like having the full set of automation options because why not; i hope u don't mind if they absorb your mod into the base game, should they wish to do so <3

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