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Can we get more QoL for tamed beefalo?

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I'm asking on the behalf of us many beefalo tamers out there for a few QoL stuff that would really perfect the tamed beefalo. Things such as...

  • Tamed beefalo not activating tooth traps. This has killed so many of them because the fields just tear them apart.
  • War Saddle or a new saddle that offers some damage reduction. Somewhere along the lines of 30-40% damage reduction would be nice. Ornery beefalo are in combat a lot, yet their primary saddle only offers a little damage boost.
  • Allow players to mount a beefalo if something is attacking them, so they don't die to random tentacles.
  • Give players a second HUD under their stats while holding a Beefalo Bell that shows a beefalo's health, so there's less of a guessing game. If Abby can get one, I think beefalo should get one. If multiple bells are held, only the last one picked up will show that bonded beefalo's health. 
  • Being able to repair saddles with a sewing kit wouldn't be half bad. Or remove their durability entirely, as it solely exists to punish newer players and would make taming more accessible to them.
  • A silly suggestion, make Pudgy beefalo poop twice as often. Because why not.
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I would love it if they gave Beefalo some more love like you proposed, this is such a great idea.

Let's hope that the next time we get Beefalo QoL wont be in 12 years during the next Year of the Beefalo, lmao.

To add to this - I know that it does not make a lot of sense - but I'd love it if fully tamed beefalos would not produce as much poop if at all - they just leave laggy clutter all over my base thats getting quite annoying to collect... A toggle would be nice.

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Make them stop roaming and getting in the way all the time is biggest QoL change for me.

Maybe allow us to tie them up to a wood fence or a tree.

Edit to a post above: Make them poop only at a salt lick, it's two birds, one stone, you can use it as a poop generator that cost you salt lick mats, and it doesn't make a mess in the entire base.

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