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  1. My oasis desert is... kind of weird. No sandstorm in the middle of the oasis at all. Here is just a bit of the mild sandstorm in which you can walk in: Here too, which is hilariously far from the lake. And that is basically all of it. You can see that it generated the biome incorrectly, at least in my opinion. Is there a way to edit it? Like some sort of a tool/editor? I have already made a base here and didn't even think that something like that can happen, as it looked normal. HAHAHHAHAHAHAH
  2. Title. I was fighting DF as usual, when she decided to go spawn some lavarvas. When she was on her merry way to a lava lake she became enraged and started AFKing on spawn. This isn't the first time it had happened, of course. I only have mods that don't interfere with the game mechanics, like the UI enhacements you see, and a mod for automatic item stacking, since my game lags when there's too much grass on the floor from my grass gekko farm.
  3. When you guys and other people put it that way that seems actually reasonable. I didn't know that the gnomes are such a good way of getting living logs, because I didn't explore all of the new stuff yet. I personally think farming nightmare fuel is a bit tedious that's why I started wondering what are the upsides and downsides of both weapons and started comparing them.
  4. I had this thought recently about Hambats and Dark Swords. Hambat is extremely cheap, you can craft it every single time you want to, because pig farms are a thing, lasts for a huge amount of time, and can have like 1000 uses, you can just have a hambat and solo toadstool with ONE weapon that deals 59 damage. Dark Sword has only 100 uses and deals 68 damage. Costs a living log (which is pure RNG if you don't have wormwood, and 1 living log for 100 hits is not very good to be honest) and 5 nightmare fuel. The nightmare fuel amount needed is actually huge. Every shadow creature drops 1-2 nightmare fuel. If you want to get a couple of dark swords for a boss then you need to be insane and farming nightmare fuel for a long time. Lowering your sanity all the time is tedious and your sanity lowering methods can take a lot of time or just consume resources that can end. Natural insanity's nightmare creature spawn is also not very high. You can easily farm nightmare fuel after obtaining the Bone Helm, but that's too much effort for something that deals 9 more (idk maybe 15 more if we count in the spoilage and the time when people don't use the hambat for bosses anymore) damage. 68 dmg 100 uses high cost and effort weapon vs 50-59,5 almost free weapon Let's say you are fighting Bee Queen. I think the attack speed is 2 attacks per second so let's calculate. Bee Queen has 22500HP. If you attack non stop, Dark SwordS (one Dark Sword is 6800 dmg, so to kill BQ you need 3,3 dark swords. 3 living logs and 15 nightmare fuel) you will kill BQ in about 165 seconds. Let's check the Hambat (I used the 58 damage number because of spoilage): 193 seconds It's not a very big difference. A whole DST day lasts for 480 seconds (8 minutes). The Bee Queen fight took 34% of the day when using a dark sword and Hambat took 40%. The difference is almost not noticeable in my opinion. Hambat seems hugely better because of its high dmg output and because it's infinitely more cheap than a dark sword, and I think that Dark Sword deserves more love. The effort required to get a couple of dark swords for a boss is huge in comparison to needing to get two meat and a pigskin. What do you think about that? Do you agree, or am I completely wrong?
  5. I clicked "Manage World" and saw an option to convert it to a cloud save. I thought that this would be a nice thing, because I won't lose it. Oh boy. It disappeared from my world list and I can't find it anymore. Is it possible to fix this?
  6. The statue could also make bosses have some new attacks maybe? Like in Terraria's Expert Mode. More difficult attacks, more damage, better loot.
  7. I feel like Wormwood's farming perks became almost nonexistent because of how easy it is to replace them and how Wild Crops are worse than giant ones. You can spam farming plots because they are cheap, build One Man's Band that lasts for literally infinity when tending to crops and just spam self feeding crops to get giant ones. That makes most of Wormwood's farming perks not that good, and leaves him with only "being able to plant crops outside of farm plots" which is, again - not very good, because of being unable to grow giant crops with it.
  8. It makes no sense that freezing temperatures still don't prevent wildfires nearby. Before making this post I extinguished my chests twice, and already rollbacked twice because I thought that the low temperature caused by Polar Light would protect my chests near which I had forgot to put a Flingomatic.