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Xbox Cloud Gaming.. DST?

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So uhh I was playing fortnite yesterday when a message popped up on screen saying I could download a “Beta” for Fortnite cloud gaming..

I obviously don’t keep up to date with modern day technology so I had no idea what “Cloud Gaming” was..

Apparently it’s this:


Which allows you to play Fortnite on your IOS and Android Smartphones using touch screen controls.

Klei already has experience in Touch Screen Controls for both DS a DS SW pocket editions.

So I guess my next question to Mr @JoeW is would it be possible to play DST on Smartphones through the Xbox cloud same as I now can do with Fortnite?

With this all you need is a Wifi/ Data connection to enjoy the full versions of the console game, but using controls built exclusively for Smartphone touch controls.

(you could also connect a controller to the device and play that way if you desired)

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