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Hello everyone!
I hope I write at the good forum section. I was thinking, that it would be nice to have some new animal types in future patches.
The idea I have is oyster.
It would be an alternative way to clean polluted water and more energy friendly as well.
Also it could be used as some fancy food source as well.

What do you think?

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This is the role that Gulp Pacu are supposed to fill, but folks haven't been using them because breeding has been a pain and until now they've had a tendency to entomb themselves in ice when they blow bubbles. The latest release on the testing branch apparently has a fix for that.

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Wow, I didn't know that about Gulp Pacu. I am still fairly new to the game, thanks for the info!
Though following up on the idea with oysters, if not for water purification, it could be also a nice possible food source, and maybe a new accessory with pearls. So it could be an alternative wearable decoration, like the suits.

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