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  1. I accidentally posted this in the wrong forum. Who do I need to contact to move it into the Spaced Out dlc suggestions thread?
  2. I am talking about this in a simple sense, but it could fill out some space tech science trees. -- What about a space toilet? It could be based on suction and compression (with internal storage and maybe even a new material or just use the polluted mud to keep some earlier tech relevant) or maybe it could be unceremoniously "dumped" into space for humor. -- For oxygen perhaps there could be a small pressurized tank that has an adjustable flow rate . . . or even a module that stores oxygen for the crew with an interior pipe or placeable vent in the interior. -- For food perhaps a tech after canning (freeze drying maybe) that compresses the calories from food into smaller packets and have MUCH longer periods of freshness (so as to not require cooling) for space travel and operations, such as establishing a new colony. -- Decoration and morale are a bit tricky in space too. Maybe there could be spacecraft specific decor items . . . like a window . . . or glass terrarium domes for plants that could even hold sporechids in particular, or dupes who enjoy a particular line of work (for just going to space) might simply have a mood buff. -- Sleeping arrangements could even have a potential tech where it takes up less space as well. Like a two tile vertical bed maybe? -- I don't have an idea for energy other then to have something "built in" to the space vehicle itself where is uses it's fuel source to produce power, but could also be a module. In either case it would have an interior wire connection or outlet. -- Something that I think was mentioned before, but I will reiterate would be ways of building space stations (in space only) and creating space-based manufacturing. -- Maybe even having a potential for being able to capture small asteroids with specialized tech, for processing in space (which would be really cool and could open the door for derelect / ruins exploration and salvaging operations as well as exposing the dupes to new dangers such as hull breeches, leaking radiation or fuel, ect; that would require space walks to repair on their own station or for repairing the ruins for use.)
  3. I feel this so much. It seems critters just want to be entombed.
  4. With the list of tabs at the bottom I've been scoffing sometimes at the "food" tab including ALL animals and plants. Given the number of animals and plants that fill other roles I feel there should be separate tabs for organic resources (especially if your decide to expand plant and animal life).
  5. A plant that eats shinebugs would be super cool, and yeah, it would make for a better reason to farm them. and frankly just more animal and plant options would be super cool. Also, having plants and animals gated by spaceflight and unable to reproduce doesn't seem so cool.
  6. It always seemed strange to me that air would remain relatively stagnant even when pressurizing a vacuum I have recently excavated. It could help a lot with air flow if wind and liquid currents (flow from high pressure regions to low pressure regions) was much more dramatic. It could help "pull" CO2 over oxyferns or "push" high pressure oxygen into other caverns. Even if the end result is still the same once everything is pressurized I can see it adding to the drama when building and excavating.
  7. I think "not having every pump need to be a submersible pump" is the solution being discussed here, and I kind of agree.
  8. Organic elements (seeds and arborwood lumber) do not melt so if you don't stay on top of processing them they often build up in your world beyond control especially as there isn't a way to automate the process so much. One, which might be especially cool would be an Anaerobic Digester, which would be a way of generating natural gas and slime / polluted dirt. (Kind of like an upgraded composter.) Another for various organics wouldn't be a machine, but a process. Like making ethanol by gasifying organic matter at high heat in a vacuum. (Currently those items that are based on genetic ooze are basically indestructible and can't be used in such a way, even if they can be processed in ways that would be, in theory, the same or similar.) Additionally, using arborwood as a building material or processed into charcoal would be interesting too.
  9. In the core game (and this has happened to me soooo many times) when I try to wrangle hatches, and they then bury. The dupes, however, will just wrangle them anyway. This creates a problem because when a hatch is buried they are considered "unreachable". I tried digging them out, but they just auto-bury themselves bugging them even further, because they travel up through the landscape then. When they get like this I am forced to attack them, but it's super frustrating. It's happened so often to me that I can't get hatches by wrangling and am forced to steal eggs or get them from the gate.