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Rocket switching to All instead of staying on Crew

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Is there any way to change this? It is incredibly annoying that the crew disembark straight away as soon as the rocket lands. I just lost 2x atmo suits as they got vaporised by the rocket exhaust (they were being carried not worn) and my dupes keep getting injured by the heat..... Ive tried not extending the gantry's but as there is only a single tile gap between that and the crew quarters they can clear it.

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Put atmo suit docks and checkpoint in your rocket so that duplicants put them on before going out. Make sure the gantry stretches out such that only when it is up can anyone go in and out of rockets and set it to extend an amount of time after the rocket lands or after there is no more pressure from the rocket exhaust in the vicinity, or both really. This will ensure that they don't get scalded by the exhaust.

Sadly the lead suit docks are too big to consider for the interior for this generally unless maybe you have one giant rocket for one duplicant. We should really just have the exact same 1x2 docks for all suits and masks as there is no reason to have them be so big or have different docks at all, I made a suggestion for that here (suggestion number 10). Would also allow duplicants to use jet suits for this potentially.

That said automation port would be great for switching between "crew" and "all" access, then we can have automated ways of making sure the duplicants can land, do something on a planetoid for a few cycles while the rocket gets loaded up and then go back in to travel over. All of that automated.

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