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  1. Couldnt disagree more with this topic. The DLC while I agree its not for everyone, for me its great. I dont like the small map version but the classic DLC is just what I want. The DLC adds a huge amount to the game which is just amazing. They are fixing mechanics such as food storage etc which is adding more depth to the game. Not every aspect is for everyone so if you dont like it then dont play it, stick to the base game, for me though I will continue to relish every addition they make.
  2. Great work all on this epic rollout. You guys are an inspiration to other Devs. Is there any timeline for when different planet types i.e. Rime type start will be available on the classic DLC game?
  3. To answer question number 1, I would love a Ford T, that would be awesome...... In response to what you are saying I just think Glass is too easy and cheap to produce that any solar is easy to obtain (regardless of how much power it produces). The normal solar panels have the right balance of glass to power produced and the area denial they also contribute to by blocking light make them a good but not OP option. Solar towers however are just daft, I really dont understand why you can build anything but a rocket engine on the rocket platform. I could go further and put screen shots of my own but I dont think that is required here. We are all entitled to our opinions and this is mine. I take yours and agree to disagree. I suppose that is one of the great things about this game is there are just so many options and ways of doing things, I just love it.
  4. I do see what your saying but unless the cost of glass or the cost of the solar panels is made more difficult I think this is just way to cheaty for me. Even though I now know how to make them I wont be as I believe it takes too much out of the game and renders normal solar panels obsolete.
  5. I think if they were to bring back the need for bunker doors then they would have to provide the required resources i.e. more steel. Personally I like the way they have solar now with the exception of the obvious issue with rocket platforms and solar towers. Having the map the size it is just now means you only have so many solar panels you can deploy before you cant fit rockets in. Once you get to bigger builds that are more power hungry you have to move to alternative supplies to suppliment the solar aspect. For me the solution is to change the recipe for solar panels to include some steel.
  6. I completely get what your saying. I even tried building one of my own and the net result was that I needed no other power so completely negated massive portions of the game. All you need to do is get 1 glass maker and run it for a while and your power is sorted, Im sorry but that is just way overpowered.
  7. I see what your saying but this is clearly not how they were intended to function. It removes power completely from the game, all you need is a glass smelter. All they need to do to fix this is make it so you can only build rocket engines on the platform and limit the number of solar panels that can be fitted to a rocket. Or even better make it so if you have no engine fitted all modules are disabled. That way you are restricted to how many you can build. Also make it so they are disabled unless you have a viable rocket i.e. engine, nosecone, fuel etc.
  8. I dont use solar towers, that is very cheaty and likely to be sorted soon lol.
  9. I just pray it is not an intentional change, as for solar being OP, I dont think it is. Once you get into cooling loops etc then solar doesnt cut it so you need to get into petroleum boiler type builds.
  10. I do love this game but man alive this one is just plain annoying..... I need more power and solar would be ideal to optimize but having to place ladders so I can build the wire to then deconstruct the ladders to be able to build the solar panels 1 at a time is just ludicrous...... Pls pls pls pls pls Devs hear my devoted plea for your aid, just let those blessed fingers code this into the realms of obscurity once more and free the power for the ppl I beseech thee.
  11. Shut up and take my......... oh wait I already own it........ LAUNCH WILL YOU ALREADY!!!!!!
  12. Come on update, why do you tease me so every 3 weeks You play with my emotions Klei..........
  13. So my first rocket was built just to go into orbit and conduct research then come back. Ive been to orbit, done the research now tried to bring it back and it wont land. Any advice? Ok so the rocket was actually landing you just cant see it lol bug me thinks.