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  1. @EricKlei Is there any hope of a minor amendment to make this possible?
  2. Is there any way to change this? It is incredibly annoying that the crew disembark straight away as soon as the rocket lands. I just lost 2x atmo suits as they got vaporised by the rocket exhaust (they were being carried not worn) and my dupes keep getting injured by the heat..... Ive tried not extending the gantry's but as there is only a single tile gap between that and the crew quarters they can clear it.
  3. DLC 2 would need to be something away from radiation as would rely on spaced out to be able to function.
  4. Has anyone else had it that the pressure plate wasn't registering the materials on top of it? I just emptied a smart storage bin with 10 ton of iron onto one and it registers 0kg pressure. Update, as soon as a auto sweeper starts sweeping it it then registers. Bug?
  5. This isnt a bad shout actually as you could use passive cooling from other vents to maintain the cooling loop.
  6. The response to this is I have no desired outcome, just a need to see options so anything is on the table for purposes.
  7. So I cant seem to find a really effective way of using these. I've tried different options for taming them and just cant find an efficient one. Has anyone out there got any off the wall designs that make use of these things?
  8. So I'm playing Rime Spaced Out Classic and I don't seem to have any sulphur spawns on my first 2 roids at all. Anyone else encountered this?
  9. Very useful, many thanks. I must admit even though I've spent many hours playing this game the thermal conductivity still gets me lol.
  10. The issue seems to have been the chosen material for the desalinator, after changing it to steel I no longer have an issue. When it was made from gold amalgam it heated up very quickly when operating.
  11. The desals are made of Gold amalgam. So debuilt them and remade of steel, temp seems to be stable now but still not going into the cooling loop lol.
  12. Its more the fact it seems to be doing nothing at all to the desalinator. The cooling loop hasnt had to activate once.
  13. So I've got a cooling loop going behind 2 of my desalinators but it seems to be having no effect at all. The radiant pipes are made of gold, it is in polluted oxygen which doesnt seem to be getting heated by the desalinator. Something weird is going on. Do I need some temp shift plates or something? I dont recall ever having this issue before.
  14. Has been 2 months now since the last post, come on Klei we need a hint pls pls pls make it compatible with Spaced Out as I much prefer that to the base game.