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Avatar Legend of the Constant

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Book 0: Time

Chapter 1: Earth once upon a time

Somewhere, Wagstaff hut.

As Wagstaff tested the lunar energy his stomach started to growl, "Hmmm, I really should invent the machine that goes grocery shopping and cook it for you", he stop the test and grab a cloak, he walk through the wood to the nearby town, it is said that a walk through nature makes one mind clear, as he walks around town trying to decide what to eat for lunch he spotted a wooden pendant with a strange carving.


Wagstaff doesn't know what compels him to buy the pendant  but it feels important, Wagstaff quickly headed home after finishing his lunch break as he closed the hut door behind him, he try the pendant on... Wagstaff feels a surge of energy that he has never seen before as his eye starts glowing white, the earth feels different as he takes his first step... he creates a boulder out of the ground, fascinated by this he reaches for the boulder... and sent part it flies off without touching the boulder, Wagstaff pull it back from the wall and the boulder levitate before falling down, as the light start to fade Wagstaff fall down to his knee as he looks through the broken wall.


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