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A: I do NOT work for Klei.

B: Photos shown below are NOT screenshots of the game, however result of multiple edited screenshots put together.

New crafting tab design I came up with, the final look is uploaded here as two images, one being outside or opened state, one being inside.

I've complained a lot about the current design, but one can't complain and bring nothing to the table, so here is the one of the UI designs in my mind, with visual aid.


1. Two columns of pinned categories:NEW UI.jpg

  • Hovering the mouse over a category avatar brings up all items favorites to that category.
  • Clicking on an item will instantly make it if available.
  • All items officially released are favorited by default.
  • Removing an item from favorites will remove it from the list shown on the pop-up. (You click the yellow start to do that)
  • Adding an item again to favorites will only show it again in the category it belongs by default, which is decided by developer.
  • The shown column can be switched by clicking arrows above it.
  • Survivor special category is the uppermost in the column, followed by stations, then tools. Rest of the arrangement will also be decided by the developer and can't be changed.

PS: When hovered at bottom-most category, The pop-up interface will be shown near the middle of the screen, It should not go down much with the category you click on.

2nd PS: The other column (2nd pinned column) functions exactly same, just the avatars are different so I didn't make a picture of it.

2. Inside the crafting menu: Crafting UI inside.jpg

  • It contains a search bar and all items without categories.
  • If clicked on an item, it will not create it, but only bring the Skin Change interface under it. From here the skin is changed and saved by default when switched to by arrows.
  • If clicked on the yellow star interface (making it go gray / turn off), it will bring the items removed from favorites and therefore from categories.
  • If the star is glowing, it shows only items availble while hovering.
  • Sorting options interface (Top right yellow cube) is available for arranging items in three ways: First Category, Second Category. To help find the item faster, and last named "Classics" that will bring up all items without a skin selected for them.

And that's it!

Comparing to Current UI:

  • Only one way to craft and favorite; No more confusion and overabundance of functions. (Much more clear cut)
  • Only two pinned columns with more purpose (Better space management.)
  • Hover, click to craft, or click, hover and then click to craft.
  • All items pinned, without manual interference (New Player Can't decide what to pin, and veteran player will change the pins constantly.)
  • Inside the menu is only for re-adding un-favorited items, and rest of it is cosmetic only. (Faster Gameplay and Crafting)
  • No need to open and close the menu often.
  • Two unneeded functions removed.

How many clicks to get there?

In the current UI, player has to open and close inside of the menu for crafting anyways, so there will be still clicks and screen coverage, accepting that, instead of clicking 5 times to get to 6th pinned column, now you just click once to get to your category. The need for different categories of items changes barely compared to need for items.

Will it be difficult to find items inside the menu?

  • How often do you get a skin for an item anyways?
  • With clean sweeper you don't even need that option, and the current UI works the same, meaning you have to change the skin from inside everytime you pin an item.
  • Player gets to know name of the item now after they hover over it from the pin tab and read, then the Search function actually becomes handy.

Thanks for reading. Please share what you think and concerns about this.


PS: The category avatars should not be rotating like that :D I couldn't fix them upright while editing.

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4 minutes ago, IanKSB91 said:

That looks nice, I wonder if it would be easy to implement on console though.

Thanks. Gonna be honest I didn't, or should I say couldn't think how it affects players with gamepad, or the console, since I don't use any of those to play DST.

Sure there is always a way tho.

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