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The Worlds Most Tragic "Ruins Rush"...?

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So I was casually rushing the ruins with my friend and it turns out nothing in the ruins had spawned! no clockworks.. no statues... NOT EVEN THE PSUDOSCIENCE STATION!!!

And this got even worse as i went into the labyrinth and the ancient guardian hadn't spawned either :wilson_cry:

I hadn't changed any of the world settings and this is purely a survival world, the game just hates me.

Has this happened to anyone else?





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It's a rarish bug that seemingly happens from time to time.

It's been reported a few times here and there and I've an inkling what the issue may be.

If you wanna fix it, you can force a ruins reset by running the command " TheWorld:PushEvent("resetruins") "

and if you're a console player reading this, well uh, have fun restarting your world, :wilson_cry:.

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8 minutes ago, lakhnish said:

What is your world seed? @Miss. Havisham

Open the console with tilde and type in c_announce(TheWorld.meta.seed)

That way it can be reproduced.

If you have the server_log for this world for when you made this world, even better as it might say what went wrong with world gen.

I dont believe the seed will help.

The thing with the ruins entities is, they dont actually generate upon world gen, they generate after. Their spawners are what generate in world gen, and the reason it works like this is for the ruins resetting mechanic.

You might ask "what if the respawners didnt generate?". In every instance of this bug I've seen the command I posted is usually able to fix the problem, meaning the spawners did generate.

Who knows though, maybe the seed will help! I ain't perfect!

Edit: I was able to reproduce the bug a while back here, perhaps it's still being looked into;


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