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[Suggestion] Allow individual circuit unplugging.

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I'm not sure what's the reason behind "unplug all". Maybe to make the downside of battery cooldown more significant? But I feel it makes more sense to allow individual unplugging.

Give it an animation similar to bundling while choosing which circuits to unplug if there are more than one.

If someone knows why "unplug all" is a better from game design point of view, I'll appreciate it.

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I guess that's the balancing the designers came up with - "WX can modify itself in many ways but has to drain all charge to switch up" but I don't think it's working as intended. It ends up further discouraging the switching of circuits as you typically don't want to damage the circuits you're commonly using to switch circuits depending on the situation; and some circuits are way too expansive like gastro expansion.

Perhaps if they want to keep the initial limiting factor, there could be an upgraded extractor variant, perhaps using some thulecite fragments, that can remove select circuits/ individually starting from the top

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