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Change the Eye/Twins of Terror spawning mechanics

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It's been several months, and since we have another beta going on, I thought it would be a good time to bring it up again.

Why should these bosses spawn on poor random players? Hell, even the text that shows up should only appear for those near the Terrarium, no need to scare or confuse new players with "terrible night" omens.


Please make the bosses spawn near the Terrarium.

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Because this is how the eyes spawn in terraria. Well most bosses actually in that game. But I agree that it should be changed for dst. My public worlds, nearly everytime someone moves/hides my terrarium and also activates it. It happens just about everytime, I believe it is a grief and they know exactly what they're doing. If it isn't intentional, it's still horrible. It's a lose lose lol.

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