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Public server troubles

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Recently played "Bee Hive (endless) Klei official server" with some others for about 350 days and while I was gone the server crashed and now no longer shows up in the server list. Is there a way to recover it or is it just gone in the shadow realm. I ask this because of how long me and some other people worked to make a dope base and now it's all gone. We also got griefed many times so it was an intense war against the coordinated griefers (there were about 3 willows that kept joining to burn base) but we eventually pulled through.and frustrated them enough.


Edit: I see it now and it's at day 0. I know I'm asking for much but could klei implement some changes that might fix the crashes on their official servers and actually save after an update?

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Resetting with every patch is bad enough. Resetting because of any crash made the klei public servers unplayable for me. I am staying away from public server for now, and there seems to be less public server players currently.

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