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Placement of structures should be more forgiving

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I made a list of a couple issues I've had with placing things:

- Neutral crawling horrors and terrorbeaks can block clicking on and placement of objects, even if you are at 100% sanity.
- Birds can drops seeds where you are planting crops and placing buildings, forcing you to stop to pick up the seeds. I really wish I had a Lazy Forager right now!
  For example: A puffin bird can land right where you want to place a boat, blocking it, then drops a seed, so you can't place your boat there anymore.

In the above image I was too far to scare the bird away, and I had to wait a minute for it to finally fly off, but then it dropped a seed, and I was forced to move the boat anyway.
If this was changed it would be a lot less frustrating to do these tasks and you wouldn't have to worry about these creatures getting in your way.

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I'm on board. It's bizarre that I can place a Ice Box close to a Crock Pot, but I can't place a Crock Pot close to a Ice Box. That sort of inconsistency isn't fun, helpful, useful, sensible or beneficial in any way. The fact that no one has cleaned that up in an update or patch after all these years is... well whatever, it must be very expensive, time consuming and complicated to make structure placement consistent. I'd still appreciate placement consistency.

Birds landing on the water, being able to block item placement is ridiculous. They always land right where you're trying to place something, it's almost as if the game sends a bird to where your cursor is hovering...screw that crap. Then they leave a Seed on the water, and Boats can't be build on top of Seeds...what the hell? How heavy is that damned Seed? Ridiculous. 

I can't even place a boat on water with a Controller, so I have to switch to Mouse and Keyboard every time I want to drop a boat, then there's a freaking bird in my way...like, chill Papi. Can't you see I'm trying to play a Video Game?

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