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[Suggestion] Attacking with a dumbbell to restore might during combat

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I spent some time to experiment this new feature. I didn’t see someone talk about this in the forum so I wanted to share my opinion. I’ll only talk about boss fights from an average player point of view (mine).


Currently, attacking with a dumbbell is only useful to stay Mighty because if Wolfgang is in normal or wimpy form, his attacks with a dumbbell are slow. While in mighty form, attacking with a dumbbell will grant around +1.7 mightiness with a regular or a golden dumbbell (for 34 and 54.4 damage), +2.5 with a marbell (for 68 damage and -10% speed) and +3.25 with a gembell (for 85 damage) (all numbers in this post might not be exact). It appears that attacking with a melee weapon will grant +1 mightiness per hit against every boss (for 115-ish with a hambat). There is no incentive to use another dumbbell than a gembell, at least in my opinion, that’s why I only used a gembell for my tests.


I won’t list every boss, that would be boring. I’d just say I could organize them in 3 categories:

- It was easy to kite some bosses, so the fights were not different than they were before the beta.

- I needed to attack some bosses with the gembell to stay mighty (either I was bad at kiting or the might loss per hit was enough for me to play safe). I enjoyed some of these fights.

- I was not able to stay mighty.

A fight against the same boss can have very different outcomes. Ancient Guardian, for example: I would say it’s a second category boss but one time I got hit by multiple shadow tentacles (they attack twice in a row with a might loss of 8 per hit) so I was in a bad situation.

Multiple attacks in a row are the main difficulty to stay mighty (multiple shadow tentacles, bee queen and her minions, twins of terror, celestial champion).


The beta version of Deerclops seems to be balanced in regard of mightiness. It deals -16 might per hit and the player can attack 3 or 4 times between its attacks (if he wants to kite without speed bonus). That means there is room for one mistake, but another mistake and Wolfgang is no longer mighty. The player can focus on kiting to avoid another mistake and the mightiness will increase while attacking with a melee weapon or he can use the gembell to increase the mightiness faster and be able to take another hit sooner.


I think the new Wolfgang is not for beginners and I would not advise to fight a boss for the first time with this character because there is already a lot to learn without adding the mightiness on top of that. For example, Ancient Fuelweaver is out of my reach because the fight involves a lot of items and I am not able to equip them on time. Now that I’d need a gembell in addition, this boss fight seems even more inaccessible.

However, this new feature can become fun with proper balance.


Some suggestions to balance boss fights:

- The might loss from boss attacks could be a flat number (different for each boss) depending on the attack period instead of the damage amount.

- It would be nice to remain in mighty form even after getting hit twice. (Unless there is enough time between the attacks)

- The multi-hit attacks could trigger the same might loss as one big attack. (each hit triggers a small might loss)

- The dumbbell could be more efficient to gain mightiness in combat (either by increasing the might gain per hit or by decreasing the might loss from boss attacks. I would prefer the second option because there is only a range of 25 mightiness points to stay in mighty form.)

- And this one is a known issue, the character animation while changing form makes kiting impractical.


TL;DR: Wolfgang now loses mightiness when hit, based on the damage amount. The easy boss fights remain easy but the difficult ones are now more difficult as one has to deal with might loss on top of already significant health loss. I made some suggestions for more balanced boss fights.

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