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Let us interact while the crafting menu is open.

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Title is self-explanatory, really.


While the crafting menu is open, players can't use the interact key to pick or grab items, 'nor can they use the mouse to pick up items. This is a bit of a problem, because they ability to interact with the world while the crafting menu was open was honestly one of the best features in the game, to be perfectly honest. It just made the whole thing feel a lot smoother, either because it let you look at what materials you need without needing to pause whatever you're doing, or because it lets you make use of the ability to craft with items being held in your cursor, such as making an alchemy engine with a full inventory (electrical doodads go onto the ground, pick them up in the mouse, make engine). This is still technically possible in the new system, but it requires you to close the crafting menu in order to pick the items up.

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