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Wx-78 rework ideas

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upgrade system is very cool but only add attribute is too tedium and  too no help for your friends,i think klei must be add energy bar for robot,next he update system add attribute maybe upper limit step down,but can launch laser,why?because I think it was boring before,i want robot changes should like Iron Man,This is gonna be cool,As for more, I don't have a good idea yet

It's a battle droid:-D

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Wx can create clones, when created these clones would be deactivated also a new slot would appear in the inventory and it would give the option to "switch". Using "switch" would allow you to switch between wx clones.

Deactivated wx clones would have their stats freeze and will only get damaged by rain (which will reduce wx health to 25 instead of destroying them) and destroyed by aggressive mobs. Each wx clone has their own inventories that can be accessed by anyone (only when deactivated). If wx is wearing anything like say a eyebrella and then gets deactivated, the durability of the eyebrella will only tarnish to 15%. Also each wx can have their own skins. And I almost forgot wx can only switch to bodies it has created, so if there is say 2 wx players and 1 of them makes a clone, wx 1, wx 2 can't switch to this clone. Also when we leaves the game their clones leave with them.

Wx will have a new meter to replace their hunger meter NOOOOOOO! YOU CANT DO THAT TO US!  I have no good ideas for it now.

Please tell me all of your thoughts on this idea, wether it's good or not or even if you can understand what I'm saying.


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Several things, the long useless “frazzled Wires” found from tumbleweeds having an actual use for WX.

Ability to upgrade by USING gears in combination with other items to create unique upgrades for itself- (assuming gears become a more easily obtainable resource by being provided by a mob either with the rework or shortly after it.. like Webber With Nurse Spiders & Water Spiders)

Ability to reach into its own chest compartment to rip out gears and electrical doodads to speed up team base projects similar to how Wormwood cuts living logs from himself.

Water Damage being a more impactful downside such as “Rusting” WX78 out, slowing down their Maximum movement speed and damage output (Maximum meaning While Overcharged, because going Slower then ever other character wouldn’t be fun.. but being PUNISHED from being able to go faster then normal because you neglected self maintenance sounds perfectly fair & balanced) Rust should also be repairable with Robot Oil (I mean come on ever since the freaking Hook, Line & Inker animated short Robot Oil was a given for WX…)

Dormant Robot parts laying around the map/when killing robotic enemies similar to Iron Hulk in Hamlet DLC that need to be “charged to life again” so they climb onto and attach to WX78 for Upgrades.

Lastly: Various ways to “Overcharge” without needing to Rely upon a Wicker or hoping to get struck by lightning, Such as.. being able “Consume” a lightning rods charge for temporary overcharge buffs. 

HOWEVER Too Much Overcharge should Short Circuit WX78 (similar to how if you Over Charge your cellphone you kill it’s lifespan more quickly..) Making WX78 Players be more cautious in how often they want to Overcharge and needing to pay attention to Wetness (which can be countered with Umbrellas, Eyebrella’s, Robot Oil, and Upgrades to WX)

Thats the WX78 I want to play.. :) 

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