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Differentiate the three Funcaps?

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I think its a missed opportunity to not make each color of funcap unique. Especially considering how wildly different from each other the mush caps are as food items. 

Heres my idea: (values r just an example, and this would be in addition to existing functions)

Blue funcap: convert 20% of hunger from food to HP. 

Green funcap: convert 20% of hunger from food to sanity. 

Red funcap: increase hunger received from food by 25%. 

With the blue and green funcaps the conversion could be either subtracted from the hunger value or just added on top as a bonus. So from 100 food either 80 hunger and 20 hp or just 100 hunger + 20 hp. 

Additionally perhaps give all the funcaps a tiny light radius, similar to how Mushtrees give light. 


I think specializing each funcap like this could add a lot of depth and new gameplay options + make the blueprints as a reward for killing TS more valuable. 

I can already imagine this version of the Blue Funcap being really nice on Wormwood and the Red Funcap would be really appreciated by Wortox players i think. 

If the increased spoilage to inventory items were to be scrapped i can also see funcaps + body armor being an interesting option in battle, making it so u need less sanity or healing food. 

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