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Why are there few/no skin mods?

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You'd think there would be a ton of mods adding various skins to all the characters, but I don't think there are any. At least I haven't seen any popular ones, and haven't bothered to look for them really.

Are they not possible?

Are they against the ToS or something? I'd figure so long as they're not evidently copying existing paid for skins, then they should be fine.

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Skin mods for preexisting items/characters, from my understanding, are a big nope; IIRC, that started around the time that some characters started getting official item skins. It would potentially compete with things that Klei might make skins for in the future...and there's precedent for that.

There were actually some...partially functional mods for them before that. And there are several community members who've made their own skins for personal use/just because. Self included.


But yea. Definite nope on releasing functional skins for things that already have official skins; presumed nope for things that are likely to have official skins in the future. I feel like they updated a ToS at some point to reflect that, but can't recall which one...there are a few different ToS's burried here and there for this game now that I'm looking.

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