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Loot stash despawn

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You can turn off events in your settings, load your world, and provided you're not in the middle of winter it should despawn. Try to block the place it spawned before but building a structure there, leave the world and you can reenable the event (set to auto if you want the world to keep getting events like normal) and join again. It should spawn in a different spot. 

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3 minutes ago, Lemsip said:

How long does it take to despawn? I've turned it of and check 3'mornings in a row and it's still there :(

It might take a while. What season is it? It shouldn't be longer than 5 days, unless it's winter of course.

Try to go to the other end of the map, so you're sure it's off-screen.

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You could probably manually despawn it via console. Maybe c_removeall('klaus_sack') does work, but the delete.undermouse command should be more reliable, I just have to look that one up. However, you can definitely spawn a new one where you point your mouse with c_spawn('klaus_sack')

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