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The Shadow Rose - Character Empowerment

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So I was thinking, what if the final boss is Charlie (or basically and other final boss they could think of), and she (or they) drop a Shadow Rose when defeated? Once invoked, the rose empowers one player's character until they switch. Empowerment boosts a character in one way or another.

Wilson: Full beard reduces damage by 10%, damage calculated the same way with armor as garlic food.
Willow: Attacks cause shadow flames to start on her targets. Slowly reduces their health, won't burn drops.
Wolfgang: No longer enters Wimpy form, slower hunger drain.
Wendy: Abigail takes half damage and always deals night damage. Nightshade Nostrum empowers this further.
WX-78: Shocks enemies that attack it, no longer loses gears on standard death.
Wickerbottom: Books use half durability when used by her and are used faster.
Woodie: Weregoose runs faster, werebeaver chops better, weremoose regenerates health.
Maxwell: Shadow puppets have night armor and staves have a 25% chance to not use durability.
Webber: Can tame and pacify spider queens.
Wigfrid: Unlocks another song slot and inspiration drains slower.
Wes: Balloons no longer drain sanity when made. Fresh Fruit Crepes restore 10 more hunger.
Winona: Can mass produce items for the same hunger cost, up to 10 items at once. Tools, weapons, and armor crafted by her start at 125%.
Warly: Can make Amberosia empowered spices for 50% better strength and duration. New spiced foods still spoil in bundling wraps. Powdercakes and Jellybeans melt when spiced with new spices.
Wormwood: Eternally blooming and crops planted start off at -3 stress points.
Wortox: Soul limit increased to 25 and can no longer soulverload. Souls dropped when at the cap burst instantly.
Wurt: Can now swim in water, and use tools in it.
Walter: Can craft Melty Marbles with marble and petals. Woby bucks Walter off after 3 hits.
Wanda: Now dies at 90.

Honestly, these are just base ideas. But I've been wanting to make this suggestion for a while to solve some of the switching meta and encourage camping a singular character. Everyone should have a reason to enjoy their mains even more, too. Feel free to let me know what you think of this and what you'd change to make a character better!

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