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How much heat again??

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I stare at +1.25 kDTU and it means nothing to me.

Literally the only machine that helps me out is the Metal Refinery, which is like, given that you are using water the amount of heat imparted will equate to about +50 degrees F. This is clear information to me.

It wouldn't necessarily have to be as in depth as a whole dropdown menu, and a list, that tells us how much that heat modifies the temperature vs the element we choose, but if I can at least know how it effects the heat given the atmosphere around the machine that would be so great.

An example would be:
At +1.25 kDTU (Oxygen +10 degrees F)

(brief and to the point so it's doesn't take up much room in the box.)
(Also, the above is not correct. I do NOT math.)

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Each element has it`s specific heat capacity listed, which is essnetially how much temperature it will gain from each DTU per kilogram of the element. DTU are the equivalent of watts replacing them since the game doesn`t always obey the energy conservation rule.

The game doesn`t really provide tools to make the calculations in an easy way. You need to count everything yourself. We could use a tool that calculates it for us. Something like + degrees per second per kilogram of element the heat emitter is surrouded by. I`m not sure if it would be helpful as heat dissipates around pretty fast.

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