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So I brought this up in another thread awhile back and was immediately told Klei isn’t going to change the game just for my ideas & suggestions- and I wouldn’t dare ever ask them to add any single idea I’ve ever had in its entirety.. that would just be crazy.

But what I HAVE asked for are standard, dare I even say “expected” features for Console Quality gaming.

Those features being a “Mute All” button so I don’t have to individually mute each player on a headset as they join my world, games like the newly released Back 4 Blood has a Mute All setting.. so why shouldn’t DST?


Because the way the game is set up currently: I have to either mute the volume on my TV completely.. or Mute each “loud” individual who joins my server screaming at the top of their lungs or blaring music through their speaker, and rather unfortunately, there’s not any options to raise the volume of the game while also lowering the volume of the people playing.. so a “Mute All” button added to settings would be much appreciated.

This could even serve an actual GAMEPLAY purpose like how in Red Dead Online you can only hear players in close proximity to you.. so you can’t just communicate with everyone all at once.

The second request is the ability to move very important game information (like my inventory) to another location on my television screen so my House Cats aren’t blocking very important parts of my screen I need to be able to actually see to play the game.. and Moving the TV OR The House Cats simply is not an option… but being able to move the on-screen HUD to like say the top of my tv screen would easily help solve problems like This:


Moving them is not an option… moving the on screen information however.. should be.

These are standard features of most console quality video games (some even have Closed Captions for sounds & dialogue if I have to have the sound on the TV Muted) 

please at least consider these in future upcoming QoL’s

That is all Thank You. :wilson_love:

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