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Just another brief list of suggestions

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- Being able to craft and equid different vests/items to dupes (shoes to run faster; goggles to research faster; powerups for digging and building gun) 

-Some use for naphta

-Wood as building material

-Wood into coal + hydrogen + CO2 converter

-Being able to make tiles out of solid nuclear waste

-Bleach stone as another recipe of oxylite refinery

-Battery % discharge instead of flat (this way small, jumbo and smart will discharge at the same rate and u can use proper automation)

-In game simple notepad/spreadsheet

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10 hours ago, M4ndatory said:

-Wood as building material

We got a wood burner already but it`s not too effective. It`s more like an earlygame CO2 producer. Later in the game you can conmvert wood into ethanol. Would be nice if that had more late game uses than just as alternate fuel for the petroleum generators and for farming that one plant nobody remembers about.

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