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  1. Oh, wow... How do people come up with those setups :O I was thinking using an automated doors pump but i'll this this one a try too. Thx bud
  2. Wow thanks. Is A little bit more than what i was expecting, cool. Now the bigger question: How can i manage the CO2 flow? (highest tech material i have is steel)
  3. How much crude oil per second can i boil to petroleum using only a 0,111 Kg/s CO2 vent at 500°C? N.B: note that i would preheat the crude oil to aroung 320°C using a steel acquatuner.
  4. I played a run on both start. I fell like terra start is more easy than swamp for 3 reasons: 1 Coal 2 Free food with drekos 3 Timble reeds
  5. Should not require advanced mechatronics since is an early game tech... Imho this whole skill branch needs a rework.. Costruction 3 should be the requirement for high tech building instead of being a Tier 5 engineering and suppying tech Engineering 2 should give the ability to open the payloads while engineering tier 3 should allow dupes to generator tuning and microchips crafting Just my thoughts
  6. To be honest volcanoes erupts lava wich is a hot mixture of minerals and ore so i don't get your physics point. Second having ores instead of refined stuff keep open all the refinement process a player usually abandon after getting enough steel
  7. Don't know about the geyser but i agree mud/polluted mud should be implemented more. Another user suggested that dirt and polluted dirt in contact with water should convert back to mud/polluted mud. Personally i like that idea. Also i think some refinement process should produce polluted mud or polluted mud as byproduct. Refinery is an example
  8. That does not seems a lot to me compared to the coal i get from hatches, fiber from drekos and so on.. Even shine bug seems like thery are gonna be more useful dying to feed the plant.. -The bot died after restarting the game and i never launched another one so i cant be sure but seems fixed. -I don't mind not being able to recharge as long as i can put it in a pedestal (dunno if possible yet) -Yeah i forgot about drekos -That could be another way.... why not both? -That seems more like a snake then a bug :/ -I like that -I have no oil, i have 8 metal volcanos LOL. Probably is not guaranteed, and it should be -The first map i had a cool slush geyser and a cool brine geyser :O
  9. All listed here (except bugs) is based simply on my experience and the way i like to play, so don't take that like absolute truth. Be kind, drink water and cough in your elbow <3 Bugs: -Rover robot still running even with dead batteries (bug disappeared after restart) -Lack of move command oh the rover robot (i assume it's a bug) -Gubgrub body is white in the temperature overlay Pros: -Swamp biome look awesome -Love mud/polluted mud concept -Exploring new planets is fun Issues: -Mask station (but Klei already knows so...) -Research needs to be harder on later tech -No use for balm lily flowers (except the medicine): I like how klei made pacus eat excess seeds, so maybe another critter could do the same (maybe shine bugs since they are flyes... kind of..) -No use for Ice-E-fan over tempshift plates -Metal ore volcanoes: i like the slug critter and it's concept but i refuse to waste metal ores, the only non renewable resource, to tame them. But without considering slugs i still don't see any reason to not have ore volcanoes. -Would like to see a slug breed eating refined metals -I would like to see industrial process or critters involving mud/polluted mud as byproduct -Despite being freacking cool i don't get why i should tame a gubgrub -Mud would fit nicely in the sea biome -Polluted mud would fit nicely in the slime biome -The lack of a water source on the second planetoid is annoying if someone (like me) wants to make a self sufficent base on each planet before moving to another
  10. i think it scales hard with farming level. Early game i had none, now (cicle 100th) i could power the whole asteroid if only i could burn them
  11. To be honest i like it. I have some reasons to move to the next planet (lack of certain resurces) but i have enough to decide to fully establish the planet and send new pritend duped to death their incredible privilege of colonizing a new planet.
  12. Yeah, the output for 0 effort was too much... But please consider to make a breed that eat a renewable source, refined metals for example