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Certain Mods Bugged - Unable to Join Server

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Recently, a bug appeared on my friend's computer when playing DST. I am making this forum post for him.
We frequently play Don't Starve with many mods enabled. Some of the mods we frequently use (the now common "Insight" mod is one of them) have begun to act strange for him. Whenever he subscribes to one of the "corrupted" mods as we refer to them as, they show up on his server mod list as entirely blank with "workshop-XXXXXX" as their ID, the X's being the mod number (screenshot of the mods in the menu attached). The "update mods" button also suggests he needs to update the same number of mods as his subscribed corrupted ones, however pressing the update button simply refuses to update the corrupted mods and just returns back to the "updates needed" icon. If he attempts to join a DST server or world that has any of the mods on it that he is having issues with, whenever he is subscribed to them or not, an error message pops up: "Disconnected Due to Missing Mods" (screenshot of the full error message attached). If he unsubscribes from these mods and resubscribes, they appear the same, corrupted. Most frequently we test this on my server, but I can unsubscribe to my mods and resubscribe without any issues to me. We are both using Windows 10 as our OS and playing on Steam.

I have suggested numerous things, and he has tried numerous things, however we could not get anything to work. Here is a list of everything we have done and their outcomes. None of these have worked.
- Restart the computer: Nothing.
- Restart Don't Starve Together: Nothing.
- Restart Steam: Nothing.
- Unsubscribe from corrupted mods and resubscribe: Nothing. They simply reappear as they were before.
- Update all mods: Nothing. Updates all other mods successfully, however simply refuses to update the corrupted mods and still states mods need to be updated.
- Manually delete the mods from the mods folder: Nothing. The mods get deleted, but when reinstalled they come back as they were.
- Manually delete the mods from the mods folder and reinstall them: Nothing. The mods get deleted, but when reinstalled they come back as they were.
- Delete the mods folder from the local DST folder and verify the files: Nothing. Again, the folder and the mods get deleted, but when reinstalled nothing happens.
- Uninstall Don't Starve using Steam: Nothing. The game successfully uninstalls and wipes the mods, however when reinstalled the corrupted mods remain the way they were.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? I will give a confirmation when and how the bug is fixed if it is. My friend is not willing to factory reset his computer, if that has anything to do with the issue.

Thank you in advance!



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It's been a while and we sparsely touched this topic, and I've been super busy and haven't gotten a chance to reply until now.

My friend and I met up in real life, and he gave me his computer to see if I could fix this myself (I have a little more tech knowledge than him). I tried numerous things, including searching his entire computer for instances of the mod Insight's ID and deleting them. None of this worked.

After searching around for a while and deleting every instance on the PC of the mod, I came to the conclusion this was likely a permissions issue. I didn't have the time to go in-depth with permissions, but with his consent I gave the entire computer permissions to itself, and did so individually to the mods folder. None of this worked.

I did eventually solve this, however. As my friend has very few games on Steam and none that save progress locally, we just decided to do a clean reinstall of Steam itself, deleting all the files and reinstalling from scratch. I don't know how, but this worked.

Wanted to mark this for anyone coming here with this issue. I couldn't figure out how to exactly solve this, but performing a clean reinstall of Steam seems to have solved the issue. If you have progress for any games you'd like to save, of course put them somewhere else so they are not wiped during the uninstall, but this seems to be a way to fix the problem.

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