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Found 22 results

  1. Alright, So i let me just start this off by saying this was all one world, on the newest update, newest version. The pictures aren't in order either but ill explain how Roc is messed up to me. So he spawned on day 19 and i was like, alright, let's just get this over with. he swallowed me, i got two royal scepters, i was happy. that means i don't have to fight the horrible ant queen. So i almost died of hunger but i got out alive, then i went to the palace and on my way found those 2 regular ruins together. now let me tell you that hay season is the worst season in all of don't starve. dry season doesn't compare to this. i was insane all the way until i got the tam from the palace. then on my way home i found the first pig guard in the wall, went home, and found the second. Now, i went outside and roc spawned. AGAIN. and the jungle was far away so i just thought: "well ill go back into my house then" then he started to land. so i heard the landing destroy alot, so i went back outside to see if he was going to eat me, and i was out in the middle of the ocean. i used a speed command to get back onto land, and then while i set my speed back to the regular speed, it crashed the game. I don't have a log but im going to send one when my computer boots up don't starve again. it takes so much cpu and memory to boot don't starve. Please either nerf hay fever or give us some other options to combat it. The gas mask is too weak now, it makes you more insane than sneezing does. so its really a useless item other than to get into the poisonous jungle biomes. I know this sounds like a complaint and i feel bad having to, and i love you developers at klei and i hope you know we are trying to help you out.
  2. So guys, i dont think, that this is ok ... :C They are too many to deal with them and they are quite overpowered with group size and speed. And 2nd thing is , that if u re unlucky, u can just got instakilled by Roc, that not rly fair, when u dont know, where he can land his big foots... :C
  3. Some minor visual bugs

    Here are a few images of some glitches i've found since the new update for Hamlet. So for the first image, the thunderbirds are completely passive when abigail attacks them. After the thunderbirds are killed, the electricity animation does not stop. for the second one, i just noticed in the past updates they had swimming animations and now they don't, they just walk on water. they do jump on lilly pads with the water splashing animation, but when they jump off its the same animation as if they are walking on land. The third isn't so much a bug i don't think, but i think the dev's should see. You guys changed the world generation and doing so might have caused this to happen, since this has never happened in the 20ish worlds i've explored. Hope this is helpful to you dev's out there. Hayley
  4. Made my camp in a cave cleft. Now, every cave cleft indicates my camp items (science machine and fire pit) are in it when I hit the "map" button inside the cave. I dropped some manure in a different cave cleft, now I heard the flies buzzing in each cave. On a related and rather sad note, I can't seem to find my cave in which I built my camp...
  5. I've crashed probably 20+ times before day 80 on my recently created save (my first time playing SW). I've remade the save a few times at the start, uninstalling mods completely, and it's still crashing constantly. Has anyone found any temp fixes? So far the bugs that have been persistent besides the few random crashes have been: -SGsnake.lua file error when encountering snakes from chopping trees/vines -Insta crash (lua error) when turning on a boat lantern -Not able to customize new worlds. You're able to switch the settings when creating a world but they don't register when you're ingame -Boat repair kit not existing in the crafting menu (TEMP fix!! You can still spawn them in console) -Just random crashes when sailing (game just instantly closes, no "lua error" screen) Has anyone found any way to get around some of the bugs? perhaps messing with the files and such.. I've tried uninstalling the hamlet DLC and it didn't seem to fix anything. !!PLEASE NOTE!! that all of these bugs have indeed been listed on the Bug Tracker forum, but what I'm asking in this thread is workarounds for them.
  6. Hello I've had multiple issues when attempting to play DS RoG with Hamlet compatibility enabled to one day venture into the Hamlet universe. Each time the game crashed and would refuse to load the profile at about the 29-36 day cycle. The only exclusion being my 5th attempt when I started using the DS Plus preset from world generation in which it crashed at about 18-20 days. I Initially thought it was an issue with mod compatibility despite running only 3 minor UI mods but as it turned out all mods disabled had the same results in my 5th and last attempt. I this its fair to assume Hamlet compatibility is not yet ready for deployment and after having this happen constantly over a small stretch of time and really enjoying my last game, I dread starting over again and playing this game anymore if I cant find a way to recover the save file [whatever good that would do] or have this issue addressed. Here is the error message pulled from the log file when I try to load it. scripts/mainfunctions.lua(866,1) ...pps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/entityscript.lua:1008: assertion failed! LUA ERROR stack traceback: =[C]:-1 in (global) assert (C) <-1--1> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/entityscript.lua:1008 in (method) DoPeriodicTask (Lua) <1006-1018> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/components/locomotor.lua:711 in (method) OnLoad (Lua) <702-732> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/entityscript.lua:1440 in (method) SetPersistData (Lua) <1418-1461> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/mainfunctions.lua:204 in (global) SpawnSaveRecord (Lua) <177-211> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/gamelogic.lua:827 in (global) PopulateWorld (Lua) <405-934> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/gamelogic.lua:1065 in (global) DoInitGame (Lua) <974-1282> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/gamelogic.lua:1335 in (upvalue) cb (Lua) <1331-1336> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/saveindex.lua:728 in () ? (Lua) <716-729> =[C]:-1 in (method) GetPersistentString (C) <-1--1> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/saveindex.lua:716 in (method) GetSaveDataForFile (Lua) <715-730> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/saveindex.lua:738 in (method) GetSaveData (Lua) <732-739> scripts/frontend.lua(739,1) SCRIPT ERROR! Showing error screen scripts/saveindex.lua(1884,1) Backup saveindex to saveindex_hamlet_beta_backup scripts/saveindex.lua(1887,1) SaveIndex already backed up scripts/modindex.lua(85,1) ModIndex: Load sequence finished successfully.
  7. when it is compatible with SW, it gives this bug, generating a normal world without dlcs
  8. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Though my laptop is older, it can run both DST and DS with no issue; but when I fired up Hamlet to give it a go, once it finally loaded, the actual movements were hella slow and laggy. I was just wondering if anyone else had this issue and knows a way to perhaps fix it? Thanks.
  9. Here's my first set of things to say, Klei. Hopefully, you'll look into at least some of these. SUGGESTIONS GENERAL - Make peagawks easier to farm, instead of relying on nighttime or with sleep darts to chase them around effectively; have a special lure or fix the existing ones - Make flint and rocks somewhat easier to get, such as having the general store sell them as its own pedestals (similar to what you did with gold) or making rock/flint generating sources renewable - Have the spider monkeys be more likely to drop silk and spider glands; it makes it really annoying to fight them if they don't even drop it half the time PIG CITY RELATED - Give the florist a better trading use; hardly anyone would sell petals to her; she lost her use when you removed manure from the trade list - Make dark swords slightly cheaper than cutlass supremes, otherwise no one would get them - Remove monster lasagna from deli... why have it there in the first place... - Have a shopkeeper sell sewing kits, could be in general, oddities, hats, or somewhere else - Have the arcane shopkeeper more likely to sell living logs - Allow a way to transmute regular oincs into tenpiece oincs and vice versa - Have the feather buyer pay for more or remove the limit; she isn't a practical source of income LUSH SEASON RELATED - Have the hat shopkeeper sell gas masks - Have the mud spa vendor sell some temporary remedies for hay fever allergies BUGS - The rain sound is glitched after the fog ends in humid season - Longterm bug/nuisance: when clicking on trees or rocks, the particles get in the way of clicking making your character move around instead; dst doesn't have this issue - The music overlaps in two notable instances: when you are committing crimes by digging up plants (battle music and work music play at same time) or when you are working in the jungle (work music and jungle music at same time) - The seasonal music for both fighting and working is stuck on temperate, except for humid fight - Thunderbirds' lightning can still hit you from far away (more than a screen away), even when something else is attacking it - Glowflies don't spawn after the first temperate season - You can't target (attack or examine) glowflies during the day - If the city and swamp biomes are together, there is a chance pig houses/guard towers will be in the water - Glowflies becoming into rabid beetle eggs sometimes spawn in the middle of nowhere (not in the jungle) then soon disappear afterwards - Even when considered the proper season and the hue of the rainforest trees change, it still sometimes doesn't drop its seed - Insanity aura from darkness isn't present when in caves/ruins
  10. Every female pig in the town asks for poop, 'plop', but as soon as I give it to them they say no and they then want petals. I've ended up giving petals to the ones who ask for plop because that works instead of plop. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this bug yet...
  11. I just thought I should put here two instances where i found the pigs acting odd and I'm not sure if it was intentional. The first one was when playing as willow my sanity was low so i randomly set a fire in a store. the fire didn't show up at first but the shop keep ran to a corner of the store as a couple of items burned ( the flames now visible) and then stayed there after the fire was done even when I exited the shop and came back in again Another Instance was when it was evening, and I guess a pathing of one of the pigs glitched out. Even when i tried to bump her out from her current path she just ran back into the same spot again and kept running into the tree.
  12. I posted a comment on the Facebook page when the Hallowed Nights event went live, but I did not get a response, so I am posting this here. I have not been getting drops for the event. Also, sleeping under a fully decorated Spooky Tree (in complete darkness) does not result in any gifts being left. I did update my Steam/DST programs so everything is current, but no matter what I do, how long I play, what I accomplish, or whose world I'm in, I just am an not getting any of the anticipated items. One Day 1, I got a single curio which included three mundane items and "Woeful Shoes", and in a world that my boyfriend hosted, I got a few mundane gift boxes (gloves, pants). After those few drops, it just dried up completely. I remember that I used to get a lot of holiday-themed curios during last year's events, so this seems like a bug, by comparison. I couldn't find any info (and I didn't want to see spoilers) about what to do for this year's event, but I surmised that I would find/craft a tree to decorate, and presumably sleep under. I crafted one (and found one, in another world), decorated, and took a leap of faith to camp under it in total darkness. Twice. I heard a *ding* each time, but upon waking, there were no gifts or items or anything that I could find. I had inventory space, so that shouldn't have been a problem, if it had been needed. I was streaming on Twitch (and got raided), so I asked the viewers if I was doing something wrong, and all they said was to do what I did: Sleep and wait for gifts. Are there any known issues of Mods conflicting with holiday functionality? The Mods I use are mainly for expanded inventory and simpler re-spawning (since I often play alone, or only with +1). My worlds are all set for the Hallowed Nights event. We even played for a brief time in one of our old Hallowed Nights worlds, and it was retro-fitted with the 2o18 elements; the Mad Science lab and recipes all work fine, but the only problem there is that it's a no-night world, so I don't expect our Spooky Tree to grow or be usable, and I don't expect to get XP related drops since we're pretty well advanced and there isn't much left to do there.
  13. Shop Restocking: Has anyone else noticed that the shops always restock the tables but never the shelves? When you buy the normal seeds from the shelf in the back of the flower arrangement store they never get restocked, but when I buy, say, a pumpkin-seed from a table it gets replaced immediately. Might be a bug? Willow's Lighter: I know others have had this bug too. Willow leaving a shop or a cave or a house or entering a new room causes the lighter to switch off even though it's still in the hand slot. Manure Sound Bug: Even after picking up poop the sound is still there. Sometimes even after days. Rain: Leaving a shop/house triggers rain almost every time? Invisible Rugs: I have purchased rugs as decoration for the house but every time I want to place it it disappears. I can still 'place' it but it can't be hammered down. Invisible Peakgawk: Has anyone else bated the Peakgawk just to have it turn invisible as soon as it starts walking towards the bate? You can only see a shadow of it on the ground to see where it's going. Shelves don't hold items: I know many have had the shelf problem. Most of the times you can only use one slot (the bottom right) when you build and place a new shelf. You don't have this problem with the cinderblock shelf that is complementary to buying the house. So far it only happened to new shelves. Steamy Cloud Animation Indoors: I've had this ridiculously annoying bug over the last couple of days. You know when you walk to the edge of the map and see the clouds? Sometimes there is a steam-animation, like little puffs of cloud. I started to suddenly have that indoors on the right side of the room/cave/shop. Like the game was thinking I was standing on the edge of the map. I can't place anything on that side and when I drop stuff or mine something it disappears in a steamy cloud puff as if I just dropped it off a cliff. It's super random and I've only had it in 2 games so far. When it's there it's in EVERY room/cave/shop. Please feel free to add some more bugs that you have encountered! Maybe we can turn this into a full-list-bug-post where all the bugs are listed!
  14. Well, downloaded Hamlet. Seems to have wiped all of my previous saved games and progress -- the only character I can play is Wilson, whether in RoG, SW, or Hamlet. Games in progress gone. Is there any hope, or do I have to repeat all my progress to get characters back?
  15. DS: Hamlet, launch game crash

    crash upon launching. last thing I did before quitting the game was planting berry bushes x20 around my flingo log.txt dontstarve_steam_289542_crash_2018_10_17T12_4_4C0.mdmp
  16. Bugs Music

    when I counted the wood, one song played, one beat me and two songs played together
  17. Willows lighter keeps going out while walking through the caves even though its in the slot. Leaving shops or house causes rain to start every time. I would be great if Guards would forget you after a couple of days. I accidentally stole/damaged something once and the guards would remember me and hunt me every time I came back which was really annoying. A lot of stuff is missing in terms of usefulness. There are still loads of materials that you can't use for anything or can't refine/craft into anything like the pig skin? from the huge bats and minerals, gems etc.
  18. Hamlet Bugs

    I just got the beta yesterday (as did everyone else who signed up and got accepted). I've gone into several shops and at first they're fine. I can go in and out of them with no bugs. Though, after a while, after I enter a shop the whole screen is black but I don't seem to be losing any sanity and I can hear myself walking and if I press spacebar I can leave the shop no problem. I just can't see anything except for my day count, inventory, map at the bottom, and crafting tabs on the left. Additionally, if I leave the game and even completely close out of DS and then log back in to my save, the screen is still black.
  19. This will be pretty brief, but I got a good ways into a hamlet save, got myself a house and everything, and realised. That the neither town planning nor structures tabs had furniture, which according to some friends, was supposed to be there. I could still build houses and shops and lamp posts and stuff, but there was no furniture. (Also the game crashed shortly after, but I've seen that this has already been reported)
  20. Someone else already filed a bug report but I thought players here should be warned as well. I entered one of doorways during dusk and everything went black except for my crafting tabs and day cycle. The problem persists when the next game day arrives and is unsolved even after re-logging the save.
  21. Please choose a category *Pick the option that fits the issue the most. Ideally use this in your thread title aswell* [Gameplay] Platform * Pick your platform. For instance, standalone on Mac is also possible.* [*]Steam Do you use mods? yes, but only mods that add new characters and doesn't modify vanilla ones, and I wasn't using a mod character Version Number 83854 Issue title Lucy stuck floating in the ar after Woodie transformation. Steps to reproduce I have a feeling this is just somthing with a chance to happen or that happened due to a coincidence and will be hard to reproduce, but here's what I did. Enter Maxwell's door as Woodie, and transform on the first day. Spend two days as a beaver, and transform back. Return to Lucy. When I did so, she was floating above the floor and I couldn't pick her up. Describe your issue I discovered Maxwell's Door as Woodie. On the first day, I chopped enough tree to transform. I went around the land for a couple of days, gnawing up some resources to collect later. I didn't notice if she was floating when I was transformed. When I transformed back, I went a little bit south back to where I transformed at, to find my items laying about as they should be, and Lucy floating higher than Woodie's head. Clicking on her and holding space near her both just left Woodie's sprite twitching furiously under her. She gave occassional dialogue clips as though she were laying about per usual, (and wow some of those are heartbreaking, especially when you're physically inable to pick her up.)
  22. When I press spacebar while next to a finished crockpot, it does not harvest said crockpot. During combat, my character often starts to pick a bush or sapling instead of swinging my spear at the spider RIGHT BEHIND ME. I don't know how my girlfriend can play the game on her laptop. All these problems AND MORE!!! can be yours if you don't fix the buggy unintuitive control scheme you've established. How in the HECK did Wilson know that GOSH DARN tentacle was there ANYWAY?? HUH? HUH CLAY INTERACTIVE?? TELL ME THAT DANG IT!!Anywayz, Please do not rush into some separate control system for the ps4 right off the bat, fix the PC version's control scheme first so the mouse is more optional and spacebar acts smarter (I don;t care how you figure out ranged target selection without a mouse JUST DO IT). I know I'm not gonna get an overhaul to the control system, but if the interface/controls are better on ps4 I will try to return my game. Not because I plan to switch to the ps4 version, but because pc gamers are always getting the short end of the developer after paying him. We made you the success you are, don't hand a better game to someone who payed you a lot less money just because you've already tapped out the PC market. Don't do my like that klei, don't do me like that.