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Pause in DST ruin the game

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Klei don't implement pause like this in the game, is ruin all the hard staff of the game, Pause can be like this if u want to implement pause in DST:Press P or ESC and pause with start after 5 s like roll back, and while is active u can't do anything. And not be pause for long u open the map wtf, This game is about dont wasting time, this is why is hard because u have to survival seasons and kill bosses if u can just pause the game is become to easy and if u can pause the game to manage your invontory in a boss fight, bosses in this game become a joke, if u implement pause like this is feal i play minecraft or
others easy survival games like this, i want to dont starve togeder stay a hard survival game, come on klei dont ruin my game pliz.

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This feature is equal to having everyone log off the server at the same time.

Using it to manage inventory or look over the map will be infeasible to do in public servers with all of the other random people.

Single player DS paused the game when the map was opened.

Bosses are already a 'joke' to experienced players due to how knowledgeable they are on fighting them, so letting them rearrange their inventory isn't going to bring any more power to the table that they already don't have.  Using it as a crutch to manage the inventory would only be beneficial to the players who didn't prepare beforehand; it doesn't grant more attack power and is more akin to rebinding a hotkey.


With all of this in mind, I'd say this feature being added is a nonissue.  You're not forced to use it, much like you're not forced to use mods.

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The good news is, you can turn OFF the part that pauses the Mini-Map & Inventory, while at the same time keeping an actual PAUSE Button so you can enjoy getting up to use the bathroom.

Instead of just forcing it in.. Klei gave us OPTIONS to disable it.

If you look at all the threads I’ve commented in over the past few days- I’ve been trying to bring more and more awareness to OPTIONS being a good thing.

Admit-ably  I’m not the BEST advocate for these features, but hopefully there are a few people out there who understand it, and can word it better then I ever could.

The TL:DR- You can turn it off if it bothers you.. but it’s still there for people who want it toggled on.

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