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[Game Update] - Public Testing 479858

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2 hours ago, des06des said:

Use it at your own risk.

i tried doing something similar to this and changed the config for the rusty oil asteroid to have oil traits like the oily swamp asteroid can have

took awhile but i figured out ..\dlc\expansion1\worldgen\worlds\WarpOilySwamp.yaml  could be edited to remove the disabling of oil traits on the oil asteroid.  i figure it'll get patched soon.  the terra/sandstone asteroid i doubt will get a patch but i assume there will be a mod to enable traits on it

but now i 'can' get volcanic activity and trapped oil together

edit:  and now it won't generate with 'trapped oil' on the rusty oil asteroid.  guess i'll turn that off and try to get volcanoes on terra haha

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