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Will "Slurtle Slime" official server ever come back?

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It's been gone for few days straight now.

And probably others are missing aswell as i noticed someone mentioned in the bug report but idk personally i've been mostly playing on Slurtle Slime when doing pub runs. 

But the list of official Klei server does look smaller.

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I noticed whenever i try to generate a new world. The server crashes like 50% of times i have to do it several times. Mods no mods , clean install or verifying files it never matters.

Neither does having added exceptions in anti virus or firewall for all the dst exes.

It crashes very often upon generation or gets stuck "Server generating world" especially if i have "Huge" world setting. Mostly the cave server is the culprit. Maybe it's related to official servers going offline? Since they often re-generate.

PS: Today i seen 5 Klei servers being active instead 6 from yesterday. Another one gone but i don't remember which one was it.

Slurtle slime is still AWOL tho.

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