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A funny story involving Cookie Cutters

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Okay so well uhm first off I want to start this thread with a link to my now archived thread I posted sometime back ago here: 


Klei actually started giving us more control over our world gens (not to the extent of my thread there but we still got some and I’m super thankful for that! :) Plus: that’s what this story is about!)

I play around with these world settings and customization choices ALOT just to see what all sorts of Wacky world gens or additional challenges I can apply to my worlds, and well I saw I could increase the amount of cookie cutters that spawn now. So of course I set them to as high as the game allows.. the problem? I play the game mostly SOLO so I had no help fighting off these things, and when 7 or more jump on your boat at once.. they “stun-lock” you in place preventing you from attacking them all in time to prevent them from carving a few nice little holes into your boat. Obviously I died.. But this story is just an example of being careful what you wish for- I am sure fighting these things off set to max spawn is exciting & fun in a group.. but when playing Solo- maybe leave them at default or less..

And this is the very short story of how I learned more cookie cutters does NOT = More fun (at least not when playing alone :lol:) So many rollbacks and lots of lost fully decked out boats before I finally realized: DUH!!! I set them to spawn most.. yeah I should go probably change that. 

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