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Can't figure out why my scanners are blocked

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1 hour ago, sakura_sk said:

Invisible regolith tiles? (Just a guess...)

Yeah, that must be it. Scan quality went back to 100% after a reload weirdly though. Anyway I replaced the door crushers with robo miners. Annoying but what are you gonna do...

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I have summarized the behavior of mech doors crushing falling sand/regolith in this gif on the Discord. The Materials Overlay is shown and set to Filtration Medium to show the hidden regolith that falls into the doors.

The key takeaways from the gif:

  1. vertical doors cannot crush falling sand/regolith because they stack just above the doors;
  2. horizontal doors can crush falling sand/regolith if they fall into the door while the door is open.

Notice that the horizontal doors do not render the sand/regolith inside of the doors even though they appear in the overlay.


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Thanks @hydrotoast! That explains it. For some reason I thought that the tiles within doors were a bug, because they disappear after a reload. But I guess the bug is them *dis*appearing. And I guess it would have helped, if they were actually visible. 

It all makes sense now. Chomping the doors once is just not enough, if you have more than two tiles high regolith.

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