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MOD REQUEST: Make slicksters eat their fill

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I tend to play ONI with a lot of slicksters.  The only problem is that when I have a lot of slicksters, they eventually don't get a turn to think for way too long and starve to death.  I was wondering if someone could make a mod that could solve this. 

Basically, if there is enough CO2 available, this mod would allow a slickster will eat their fill in one gulp, eating enough CO2 to max out their kcal.

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1 hour ago, gabberworld said:

dont add them all to same place

CO2 supply isn't the issue.  I have over 100kg/tile CO2, being supplied by 20 petroleum generators.  The issue is that I have too many critters, so they don't get enough CPU time to think.  Basically, they lose more kcal waiting for CPU time than they do from eating.  No other critter I ranch has that problem, they all eat their fill in one bite.

Rather than scaling down my glorious critter army, I would prefer to just not have my critters starve when there is plenty of food around.

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29 minutes ago, Pholith said:

I Love Smicksters fix this issue.

When increasing the day diet of slicksters, I had this problem of constant starving. So I increased the "gulp" mass. 

But yes my mod isn't updated now, I really need to do it.

This sounds like what I want.  As long as I can just increase the gulp mass (without any of the other changes), which I think you say I can do.  I hope you update the mod.

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8 hours ago, gabberworld said:


when slickster eats it makes 4 tile vacuum, when there is allot off them in same tile, some off them cant get co2

That isn't happening for me.  That only happens when the pressure in the room is not high enough.  There is more than enough for all of them to eat their fill.  They just don't get the CPU time to eat often enough.  If I pause the game and let the critter AI catch up, they can keep their kcals up.

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