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  1. "As long as I can just increase the gulp mass (without any of the other changes)" That's a good suggestion I think I will implement it
  2. I Love Smicksters fix this issue. When increasing the day diet of slicksters, I had this problem of constant starving. So I increased the "gulp" mass. But yes my mod isn't updated now, I really need to do it.
  3. I changed a little the code to see what is hidden. Being a modder on oni has its advantages.
  4. When you click on a care package, and then go on another asteroid on the printign pod, the selection is bugged (the button is grey) and you need to deselect-select to print.
  5. ALSO A VERY BIG SPOILER LEVEL. View it at your own risk. Theses screens were took on the alpha, it's not definitive.
  6. It is possible to build a rocket with a spacefarer module inside a spacefarer module, and to do it recursivly, I don't think it was intentionnal .
  7. The list of mods is visible in the logs. The map loads when my Fuleria mod is not activated, but it's a worldgen mod, it shouldn't crash and even less when you don't generate a map? It reminds me that the mod worked perfectly before the update and that now it is impossible to generate a map on Fuleria, (surely because of the size of the map) I attach with this post the error file when I try to generate a map with my mod OR with a vanilla world on which I modify the size of the map. To reproduce the bug you can try to load the map with a size of 256x256. And to reproduce the worldgen bug you can try to generate a map with a size of 256x256. output_log.txt
  8. Hello, since the last update, I can no longer load my backup on my mod generated maps. When I load the map I have a start of loading and then a black screen. I used mods on these 2 maps but I never had any problems until the last update. Here are 2 files that I can no longer load with the same bug Fuleria No Sweat.sav Terrier Lointain.sav
  9. I'm going to continue my new mod on slickers, if I can do that it will be a good example to make new critters. It might also be nice to make a mod in collaboration, especially when you see the huge number of sprites to do for animations. In any case, it's super motivating, it really makes you want to see him in the game, I'd take care of that.
  10. I really like all these designs, especially Coral Pokeshel. I currently have some ideas for slickers that could be added to the list :). Are there any modders on the way already?
  11. Did you have my mod always 3 interests on your game, or just when you printed the duplicants ? It was causing this bug that I fixed on 31 july but Steam doesn't seem to be updating the mods well
  12. This is probably caused by a mod. What mods you had in game when you printed the dup ?