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Any general tips?

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Just got the game, and I'm extremely impressed even though it's in beta. I have ALWAYS, and I mean *ALWAYS* wanted more survival games. There simply aren't enough. It's always "Survival horror" or "zombie survivial" (Which is sometimes okay, in DayZ's case.) and I don't care for those types of games. I have always wanted a game that does not force me to hide from other players but instead sets me down in front of it and says "Here's a world. Survive.". It may be too early to judge, but I hope this game scratches that itch.

Anyway, I died to one of these weird "tallbird" thingies after getting myself all 3 tools and a firepit. I have a few questions.

1. Is there a way to build a house/shelter of some sort? If that's simply not in the beta yet, I'm OK with that.

2. What should I be doing first? In Minecraft, your first objective is to get wood and get a house. If it's small enough, stuff won't spawn on you. After that, you get coal to light your house and the surrounding area so not only can you see better but are also better protected from random mob spawns. After THAT, you work on improving your house, getting advanced tools, etc. What is the "order of operations", if you will, in this game?

Thanks! I've played Shank and MoTN, and it's safe to say this is one of my favorite companies at the moment.

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1. Nope, no house or such yet.But you can build a kind of camp by setting up a firepit, some chests and a farm or two. But no, no shelter or protection.

2. Hmm, no real order except that you need to have a light source during night time. You can pretty much pick and choose what you want to do.

Some people like to have a stabile camp site with lots of farms and berry bushes for a steady supply of food. Other pople dont make camp at all and just roam around finding food where it is avaliable.

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Honestly, unlike minecraft, figuring this one out as you go is rather fun.. All the recipes are explained as to what you will need for them and there is really only one thing that is a bit of a got ya and that is how you get !!SCIENCE!! Aside from what cptCalavera said though, just get light by your first night (though this is also fun to just figure out the first time around, hehe) there really is no order.. just remember the name of the game is Don't Starve!

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I have plenty of tips - read at your own spoilish peril =)

You can use the shovel to move plants into a farming area so that you can collect them efficiently. Collect grass, bushes and berry bushes and lay them in orderly rows for easy collection.

Stewpots are the best protection against starvation because they allow you to use non-food items to complete recipes. Grass, pinecones, nuts, berries, spider meats and other inedible/low value foods can be used to make good stews. I recommend aiming for 4 stewpots which is a day's worth of food.

Set all of your night time activities around your main campfire so that you can do them to pass the night hours. Research pumping, cooking, refining junk into other junk.

Establish your main camp near beefalo for the manure and for the occasional beefalo hunts.

Don't have spiders near your home base. They are unfriendly and prone to fits.

Invest into researching good tools first - it will save you a lot of hassle.

Don't bother with any of the slower farm plots, they are super slow but don't save you very much material.

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so.. what do you do if you start on an island surrounded by water with no beefalo? just recreate world?

i only ask cause i had 1 spider nest that i killed and really nothing else on this island, just birds, bunnies, and vegetation. i already mined the 4 nodes .. so yea im kind of at a loss (but not dead yet).

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