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  1. If you want to talk realism, I'm fairly certain all you need to start a fire is some flint and sticks. A whole tree would last you forever.It's fine as it is.
  2. Steam and Chrome play

    That's unfortunate, but understandable. I don't suppose you have any plans to somehow link the chrome app up with your steam account in the future?
  3. Starting Tips/Newbie Guide

    I've found that it's sort of a waste of time to pick ALL of them and then dig. You lose a lot of time and you'll find yourself making far more trips back and forth than you should have to. Much easier to just pick what you need for a couple days, and dig them all. It's annoying to pick, pick pick, *switch to shovel* dig dig dig *switch back again* etc. Still, noted, and added to the original post as a note.
  4. Traps are now infinite?

    Apparently it's a bug. Unfortunately.
  5. Good job posting on Steam

    Agreed. Thanks for listing it on Steam at all, that was really cool of you guys. Steam is very convenient, and I am convincing some of my friends to buy the game as well. Thank you very much for giving us an extra copy to give away, it was a nice surprise for one of my friends who is also a fan of your previous titles.
  6. Well, if anyone's like me, the first thing you did when you started playing is go straight to the forums to look for tips. There are a couple threads for cooking recipes, hunting, etc. but I'm going to post a more contained "newbie" guide here. I'm only on day 40, so if you have any ideas or discoveries to share from extended play periods, by all means post them here. With your permission, I will add your ideas to this post. Starting- First, a warning. Unless you need charcoal, do NOT go past "The fire is nice and comfy." when adding logs to it. To check what "stage" it's at, if you will, you click on it to examine it. If it says the fire's getting low, add 1 or 2 logs to it. Moving along. Gather whatever is nearby. Prioritize. Flint and saplings are your best friends in the beginning. You will need these to make various tools, including an axe. Once you make an axe, chop down any trees that are nearby. Stay away from the areas that look like a swamp- nasty purple tentacle monsters will pop up and swing in circles hitting anything near them. Although these things do drop a fairly effective weapon, at very early stages of the game weapons are not your priority. Once you chop down a few trees, pick up the logs AND pinecones. If you so desire, you can also make a shovel and dig up the stumps. Each stump (no matter how small) will give you an extra log. Use the pinecones to plant more trees. If by some weird chance one of the trees turns into a "Tree Guard" (Big angry tree monster.) then make sure you have at least 4 or 5 saplings handy. Plant them nearby him and he will revert to an ordinary tree. Make a fire. You can see what materials are needed for this by looking to your left. I'm assuming you've already figured out how to navigate this menu, so I won't tell you where to find the specific "build" options. If you want, you can make a pickaxe and mine several rocks. This may be a better option because it will not only set you on your way to making science machine, it will also allow you to make a "firepit". These things are useful for a few reasons. One, they are contained. If you accidentally add too many logs/other materials to your fire because it got low it won't set the whole bloody forest on fire. Two, you will never have to gather the stones to make it again. (Unless you want to make a new camp site. Also, Stones ARE useful for other things, so that's not to say "you'll never need stones again".) And three, you simply have to add things to it in order to get it burning again. You do not need to waste extra materials making another temporary fire. Try to make a camp within a pig "town". These guys will not only fight spiders that come nearby, you can also give them monster meat, regular meat, or morsels (Probably other things too, I'm sure.) and they will follow you for a long time. They will fight for you, chop trees for you, and possibly mine rocks too but I have not tested that yet. Be careful, though- they can die. Don't worry too much if they do, though, as they will simply repopulate back at their town/house. I'm not sure if you need a minimum of two pig people for them to repopulate, so I recommend never taking more than 3 pigs with you at a time. When it's dark, they will hang around your fire. If you haven't made a fire yet, don't worry. Unless there's spiders around, they will simply run back to their town. You CAN dig up bushes and grass. DO THIS ALWAYS. No, not "pick". Dig. If you have established a home base somewhere, take all berry bushes and grass you find with you. You can plant them there and have very easy, very quick access to them whenever they re-grow. I get about 100 grass every few days because I made this discovery. If you'd like, you can pick before digging, but this will waste some precious time. You can choose whether you want to go for speed or efficiency here. Don't underestimate flowers. They don't fill your hunger up, but I'm pretty sure they heal you a little bit. If you are low on health, stuff your face with flowers. You will need a lot, but they are very easy to obtain. If you know of one or two locations where tallbirds live (Marked by an egg on your map.) DO NOT KILL THEM. I'm not sure if you can "replant" their nests elsewhere by getting whatever they drop, but I have not tested it yet. So if you want to be the one to test it, by all means kill them. Anyway, the reason I say not to kill them is that they give you a steady source of food. Every time you return there (It may take a day or two, I know it's at least a day.) they will plop another egg down. Wait for them to move a few steps away, and quickly grab the egg. They will chase you a little while, but they are easy to outrun. I have not come across "beefobison" or whatever they were called, so I cannot offer any advice there. Don't murder all spiders nests you find and burn their eggs. You NEED spiders for silk. Instead, take the eggs from their nests and plant them in a location you can access later easily. I don't recommend planting them too close to your base of operations, though. They will keep away from your fire, but they will also murder any pigs you have nearby. The pigs will fight back, of course, but there are still heavy casualties on both sides. Do not take any risks unless you've gotten a meat effigy. I needn't explain how to obtain one of those. Chances are, if you are that far in the game to have all materials and such needed for one, you won't need my help. I cannot stress this point enough. See that tallbird? IGNORE IT. See that spider nest? Ignore it. Early on, your survival is more precious than some beast meat. As previously stated, if you are in a pig village and there are spiders nearby, the pigs will beat them up for you. That's all for now. Sorry it's so long, I'll work on editing and shortening it later.
  7. Just got the game, and I'm extremely impressed even though it's in beta. I have ALWAYS, and I mean *ALWAYS* wanted more survival games. There simply aren't enough. It's always "Survival horror" or "zombie survivial" (Which is sometimes okay, in DayZ's case.) and I don't care for those types of games. I have always wanted a game that does not force me to hide from other players but instead sets me down in front of it and says "Here's a world. Survive.". It may be too early to judge, but I hope this game scratches that itch. Anyway, I died to one of these weird "tallbird" thingies after getting myself all 3 tools and a firepit. I have a few questions. 1. Is there a way to build a house/shelter of some sort? If that's simply not in the beta yet, I'm OK with that. 2. What should I be doing first? In Minecraft, your first objective is to get wood and get a house. If it's small enough, stuff won't spawn on you. After that, you get coal to light your house and the surrounding area so not only can you see better but are also better protected from random mob spawns. After THAT, you work on improving your house, getting advanced tools, etc. What is the "order of operations", if you will, in this game? Thanks! I've played Shank and MoTN, and it's safe to say this is one of my favorite companies at the moment.