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anchor boats

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hi everyone,

i have search my problem in bug report and found nothing, so befor posting out there i just want to know if i do something weird.

little backgound, i'm on ps4 and play splitscreen

i explain: on boat, most of the time, when i press X to interact with the anchor the animation start (i hear the sound )but instantly cancel itself, i need to press 3-4 time X to raise or lowered it.

that happen to someone else ?

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5 hours ago, Frontente said:

I have this problem too :/ (since the introduction of the boats)

Same,I thought it’s time to up this to the devs to see if they can fix this.
I have already report this bug in appropriate section. 
anyone else ? Show yourself, we don’t bite ;)

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Yeah this have always been an issue. I always thought it was the kind of water you were in. Deeper water = longer reeling duration, but it might be just a bug after all. It's really not that responsive, sometimes taking a lot of tries to just get it right.

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