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Should I open a bug report if game crashes ?

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Well, my game is crashing a lot these days (after merge update).

No mod, so the game ask me to report the crash. Reported.

I presume I don't need to report a crash here in the forum, right?

I tought crashes were handled with more priority, but two weeks since first crashes and nothing.


Thank you.

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It might help if you try to figure out if crashes are random or seem to related to something you are doing.
In second case you should report them with details - that will make them easier to track down for devs.

If you have a lot of crashes that look random it might be worth looking into stability of your system also.

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If it persists through different updates and there are not other people reporting it in the bug tracker (at least once), there is a good chance, that specific crash is only relevant to your setup. Which could be difficult to fix without some further information and dev q&a, only possible if it is posted as a bug report in the bug tracker.

It is also possible to be a "known issue" or already "fixed in the next update" but you will never know until it's marked as such in a bug report :)

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