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  1. Food shortage with full refrigerator

    Indeed. Thank you!
  2. Food shortage with full refrigerator

    When I disable/re-enable Fried Mushroom eating for dupes, the callories are restored. Weird.
  3. I have a lot of Fried Mushroom in fridge. The game start to popup the "Food shortage" alert. My save is attached. Citadel.sav
  4. Conflicting Traits when Generating World

    Nope. This is not normal. Never made sense (at least for me and many others that report it). Devs said this was fixed. See: And:
  5. Fabrication stops at 1 item remaining

    I saw this too. Rock granulator. Disabling/Enabling building or reloading game fix the problem for me.
  6. When hovering dupe using Electric Grill (cooking Frost Bun), the tooltip shows "Cooking {Item}". See image:
  7. Auto-wrangle problem

    I had 10 hatches in my Stable and set the auto-wrangle to "max 9" I have another Critter drop-off in a "kill space". Dupes start wrangling critter one after another and sending them to "kill space" drop-off. They should leave 9 in the room. I take picture when only 3 was left to wrangle.
  8. Even with Shine Bug outside the Barracks, dupes still wake up. Until Space.sav
  9. Opposite traits in world creation

    Thank you for the info @zippytez, but is SakuraKoi a dev? Reading his/her post, I'm assuming an expert user that can find good info from game (decompiling?) and noticed that some traits are not exclusive (as OP did here) but did not saw it as a bug. I searched the forum and found at least 4 reports and none was confirmed/refuted by the devs. I think I'll wait. For me, there's no logic to inform that some asteroid is Geodormant and Geoactive.
  10. Opposite traits in world creation

    Is this official or your assumption? For me is total nonsense.
  11. After 15 cycles I noticed that Totally Tubular achievement was completed. I'm totally far away from construct any tube. See images:
  12. The traits Geodormant and Geoactive in the same asteroid is a contradition. See image.
  13. I ask the same days ago.
  14. Microchip only tune once

    Hi there! I installed Power Control Station beside Coal Generator (Power Plant Room). I saw when the first microchip was installed: the wattage went from 600 to 900. The second time, the wattage still 600. The image below shows the microchip installed and the normal 600 wattage running. Save file attached. Thank you! Paradise.sav