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  1. Hmmm In fact, after removing the water, the plant go back to growing. I was expecting to see a "Underwater" sign tho. Thank you!
  2. Hi! After last patch I noticed a bug with air pressure detection. I planted some Pincha Perpperplant and after the first harvest they stop growing.(in fact, I'm not sure if the first harvest happened. I know the plant was growing, but stopped). The game somehow is thinking that Carbon Dioxide is 26Kg when is 1162.7 g. I reloaded the game and still there, so I sending this with my save. I didn't try replant it yet. Geada12.sav
  3. As image shows, Critter Drop-Off is showing a wrong status: "Storing 10 / 20 critters". They don't even store a thing. Citadel.sav
  4. Ok, but notice that I put two Weight Plate to make any position will trigger. None those Plates are activated.
  5. Hi there! I put two Weight Plates to automate a light, but only one works. I don't know why the second one don't get activated when my dupe is on top of it. Save file below. See images: Working: Do not work: Citadel.sav
  6. Nope. This is not normal. Never made sense (at least for me and many others that report it). Devs said this was fixed. See: And:
  7. I saw this too. Rock granulator. Disabling/Enabling building or reloading game fix the problem for me.
  8. When hovering dupe using Electric Grill (cooking Frost Bun), the tooltip shows "Cooking {Item}". See image:
  9. I had 10 hatches in my Stable and set the auto-wrangle to "max 9" I have another Critter drop-off in a "kill space". Dupes start wrangling critter one after another and sending them to "kill space" drop-off. They should leave 9 in the room. I take picture when only 3 was left to wrangle.
  10. Even with Shine Bug outside the Barracks, dupes still wake up. Until Space.sav
  11. Thank you for the info @zippytez, but is SakuraKoi a dev? Reading his/her post, I'm assuming an expert user that can find good info from game (decompiling?) and noticed that some traits are not exclusive (as OP did here) but did not saw it as a bug. I searched the forum and found at least 4 reports and none was confirmed/refuted by the devs. I think I'll wait. For me, there's no logic to inform that some asteroid is Geodormant and Geoactive.
  12. Is this official or your assumption? For me is total nonsense.
  13. After 15 cycles I noticed that Totally Tubular achievement was completed. I'm totally far away from construct any tube. See images:
  14. The traits Geodormant and Geoactive in the same asteroid is a contradition. See image.