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  1. @EricKlei, do you think this should fix this report and possibly this and this ? Those reports are related to this fixed one? Thank you!
  2. It doesn't need a solid tile near/above the door. See my report Mechanized Airlock intermittently destroying water.
  3. Ok. The fact is I'm not using it to delete gas/liquids. Just to move liquid up. The deletion occurs erratically.
  4. Hi. Using Public Testing Branch. I built critter slaughterer room using Water x Mechanized Airlocks x Automation. It work for a few cycles but somehow the water start being destroyed in the process until it runs dry. The idea is submerge eggs/critters under water for a period and close the michanized airlock to move the water and meat up. I use the automation to control when the airlocks will be open/closed and prevent both being closed at the same time. I witnessed one time when the water, when moved up, lost about half of its mass. Images:
  5. Yes, I'm aware of the super-productive bug. Even so, the game stating that only dupe with 'Hazmat Digging' could do it is very odd. I thought something had changed in the new DLC to allow it.
  6. I searched for Oil Well and could'nt find anything here. Seems I did'nt search enough. Thank you anyway.
  7. I have an Oil Well that could be enabled/disabled by hydro sensor. Somehow my dupe is trying to depressurizing it when it disabled by automation, but nothing happens. No natural gas releasing. No nothing. The dupe just stay there next to machine without the chore animation. The building running animation is on, tho.
  8. I ask to dig a Neutronium block and the game states that I needed a dupe with Hazmat Digging skill. So, I give it to one dupe and wait. The dupe start digging but no progress. Cancelling the dig or reloading game and trying again do not solve. I'm not sure if it really should be possible or a lisleading information. Nevertheless, an odd situation. Images: I
  9. Hi there. Using Public Test Branch I toggle 3 of my 4 Oxygen Mask Docks to disabled status. Even so, these guys are able to get the mask and pass by the Checkpoint building. I left only one Dock enabled. I hope only one dupe can pass at a time.
  10. The Worn Atmo Suit popup information says that "Suits can be repaired at a Crafting Station". In this case, it should read "Exosuit Forge". See image:
  11. I saw this report, but in my case is not simple animation. The gas still filling the reservoir. I made some tests and after disabling the teleporter input the flow stopped. Strange. Why the output machine has the 'Disable Building' if the action should be made in the other side? thank you BTW.
  12. Using Public Test Branch (Build: U39-490405-SD) After disabling the Supply Teleporter Output I was expecting to stop the gas flow from the other asteroid. The gas still coming out. See save file. Public Test Branch.sav
  13. When I load the attached game, Liam has -2 Construction. (when I saved the game was 3) After some seconds, he turns -1. Few more seconds later, 4. Home.sav
  14. As image below shows, the consumables screen is misaligned. The Pacu Filet header icon is shifted to the right of its column.