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Found 31 results

  1. I linked my Hamlet world to a nice RoG world. Died fairly while trying to collect a living log to get back to Hamlet via Skyworthy. Now every time I pick up my items at my death spot the game crashes. With or without mods. Tree guards roaming around, moles hanging out eating my stuff. I press space bar, pick up a few things and CRASH.
  2. So in another post, i posted some pictures of some pig guards that were outside the border of the ruins, and then outside the border of my house, aggroed onto me. It caused so much lag that my computer couldn't handle it and it froze the game. So, on the second attempt i put myself in god mod and tried to hit them through the wall. couldn't do that, but they could hit me. (I'd like to note that the pig guards killed me twice as i was exiting a doorway in the ruins) So i read in a forum that if i spawn in blow darts i can hit them and kill them, so i tried to spawn 20 in, and attempting to attack them with my blow darts crashed the game. i am reporting the bug right now in game, please read into this because it makes the game near to unplayable when im lagging through the ruins because i have 6 pig guards from another city running at me.
  3. So I already lost a save and got this error on day 100+. I assumed it had to do with me putting modded items on shelves so I just stopped using shelves just in case on my new save. It still works to this day (with the exact same mods) but I wanted a new world after the aporkalypse update. This third save was fine (got to day 20+) but it now doesn't load even though I crafted no shelf and I get this error again.
  4. My game crashes on every 2nd day after loading (always when the game is saving). So I can't really play more than one day or I have to repeat everything after the first saving. This only happens in Hamlet. If you need any more information or logs please let me know. DxDiag.txt log.txt saveindex_hamlet_beta_backup.txt
  5. This problem can't be reproduce by sequence because I don't know how it should happened. And this problem almost happened in each 1 of 3 matches. REALLY bad experience to me. (smh It seems like some sound device based system module of this game generate an unhandled exception. Therefore, the client_log.txt file won't record anything of this crash. Also neither the .mdmp file in the game bin path can be created because it an unhandle exception. When it's happening, the windows frame will stop working and popup a problem window just like below: And the detail of this crash always points to the same system module called "fmodex.dll" with the same error code "c0000409" (in the bin path of DST) I just wonder if there is anybody have the same issue. so we can make a conclusion of this problem. And some extra info of this crash. Although, it happens just like random number generator. but I notice that it tends to occur while the battle is in the fierce time. (Lots of fx and sound played) I googled this module it seems a kind of sound basic lib. so I may check my audio card driver first and keep an eye on this topic.
  6. Hello I've had multiple issues when attempting to play DS RoG with Hamlet compatibility enabled to one day venture into the Hamlet universe. Each time the game crashed and would refuse to load the profile at about the 29-36 day cycle. The only exclusion being my 5th attempt when I started using the DS Plus preset from world generation in which it crashed at about 18-20 days. I Initially thought it was an issue with mod compatibility despite running only 3 minor UI mods but as it turned out all mods disabled had the same results in my 5th and last attempt. I this its fair to assume Hamlet compatibility is not yet ready for deployment and after having this happen constantly over a small stretch of time and really enjoying my last game, I dread starting over again and playing this game anymore if I cant find a way to recover the save file [whatever good that would do] or have this issue addressed. Here is the error message pulled from the log file when I try to load it. scripts/mainfunctions.lua(866,1) ...pps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/entityscript.lua:1008: assertion failed! LUA ERROR stack traceback: =[C]:-1 in (global) assert (C) <-1--1> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/entityscript.lua:1008 in (method) DoPeriodicTask (Lua) <1006-1018> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/components/locomotor.lua:711 in (method) OnLoad (Lua) <702-732> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/entityscript.lua:1440 in (method) SetPersistData (Lua) <1418-1461> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/mainfunctions.lua:204 in (global) SpawnSaveRecord (Lua) <177-211> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/gamelogic.lua:827 in (global) PopulateWorld (Lua) <405-934> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/gamelogic.lua:1065 in (global) DoInitGame (Lua) <974-1282> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/gamelogic.lua:1335 in (upvalue) cb (Lua) <1331-1336> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/saveindex.lua:728 in () ? (Lua) <716-729> =[C]:-1 in (method) GetPersistentString (C) <-1--1> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/saveindex.lua:716 in (method) GetSaveDataForFile (Lua) <715-730> F:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/saveindex.lua:738 in (method) GetSaveData (Lua) <732-739> scripts/frontend.lua(739,1) SCRIPT ERROR! Showing error screen scripts/saveindex.lua(1884,1) Backup saveindex to saveindex_hamlet_beta_backup scripts/saveindex.lua(1887,1) SaveIndex already backed up scripts/modindex.lua(85,1) ModIndex: Load sequence finished successfully.
  7. My device is LG G6 mobile phone. I was playing on version 1.0 ( didnt wanna update while i was playing. Im really sad right now and dont want to restart again. Is there any fix to this? Please help.
  8. I thought it would be a good idea to let the tea rot inside the crockpot, to only later harvest iced tea from it. Turns out that it didn't turn into iced tea, and when I tried to pick it up, the game crashed. I had to use console commands to solve this and make the crockpot usable again. Here's a screenshot from the error message. I tried disabling all mods before repeating the error, but the save slot was in the second tab of the "moar save slots" mod
  9. After I bought the magmatic bundle my game unfortunately crashed. I know i got the items, but was there a nice chest opening? I just missed it :/
  10. DS: Hamlet, launch game crash

    crash upon launching. last thing I did before quitting the game was planting berry bushes x20 around my flingo log.txt dontstarve_steam_289542_crash_2018_10_17T12_4_4C0.mdmp
  11. When I make a new seed and get to "success, you're adventure awaits!" I instantly crash. I've removed debug and disabled sandbox, updated my computer, reinstalled game with both testing branch and the previous build and I still crash. Also all my previous saves were corrupted and I had to delete them. Can anyone explain what is going on?
  12. As of today I am crashing within 20 seconds of loading my world. My PC is doing fine so it is not related to that. I tired disabling player-connection debug in boot.cfg in the oni folder which did not work. Tried all game speeds and changing priorities on some stuff - had just queued up a bunch of priority nine (bad habit) work around the base. Would someone be so kind and let me know if the world is crashing for you as well so I know if it is on my end. I am assuming since I had no issues in the past that it is related to the preview but I would very much enjoy to continue playing in my world within in the next days. Appreciate it! MM.sav
  13. Hi everyone! I'm hoping that someone can help me with this very saddening issue I'm experiencing. I'm currently trying to start a new world with the Tropical Experience mod, but I keep getting a game crash back to desktop before even loading into the map. The only mods I have enabled are the ones required to run Tropical Experience. Any help would be much appreciated!
  14. Save Wont Load

    So i invest 2-3 hours on a game of Dont Starve Shipwrecked and i get to day 17 and i decide "hey why dont I save my progress", so I pause the game and save it, right before the save I had started a bunch of fires, lighting trees on fire. So after I saved the game and am sent back to the home screen I go to load my game up and I get met with a "LOADING..." and after 15-20 seconds the game just crashes back to the xbox dashboard. I tried clearing the "Reserved space", I tried deleting and reinstalling the game, nothing fixed it. Let me make this clear THIS ONLY HAPPENS ON SHIPWRECKED, Reign of Giants is perfectly fine but I have wasted hours upon hours of game play to be met with this same crash error where I lose those saves because of some bug on Xbox Dont Starve Shipwrecked. PC works fine but Consoles has and always will be second priority, it takes you guys A YEAR to release the HOME SEA HOME update to the console version but Shipwrecked is COMPLETELY UNPLAYABLE. Today I have wasted about 5 hours of my life to this shipwrecked game and I have nothing to show for it because my saves are lost to this stupid bug. This has happened to me 2 other times, the first was when I entered a valcano during the dry season and the other was on day 20 while i was just sailing around in the ocean. I dont understand what is wrong with this game but Im NEVER launching this game again till these issues are addressed. I doubt this post will ever be addressed bc klei is too busy working on Dont Starve Together and other games (on pc) so why would anyone focus on a post from someone who plays on console. 10-8-2018_2-46-57_AM.mp4
  15. Summary from replies: Thanks guys, @Kabrute@Djoums@tzionut for the help! so @Djoums looked at the error log, which is shown below. He mentioned there could be a path finding error. @tzionutdiscovered that it might be because of the new 285480 version. And my save did start to crash frequently right after updating to this version. @Kabrute suggests that it might be because of the debris piling above no-building zone, since that happened to some other players. -----original post----- As described in title, I have hard time continuing my adventure. I am close to making rocket and I don't wanna start over, cuz that's a lot of time invested. I gave up my friend told me I should ask for help in the forum. But I told her I have a 5 year old Mac, and no one will care if I ask for help. But she said someone will so it encouraged me to put up a post here. For now I'm at cycle 481, and it crashes usually less than a minute after the cycle starts. I tried it after I restart my machine and have only steam and ONI open so game should have as much RAM and CPU power it can have. Then I tried an older save, and same thing happened shortly after the cycle started. I've tried dozens of times. My Mac has 8G RAM, i5 core (i5-3230M), intel integrated graphics card, HD 4000. I'm hope there is pro to tell me what to do, or should I still have hope? Or should I just give up and move on. Thx guys. Edited: My save file is here, maybe someone can load it to see if same thing happens. Thx for the advice @Kabrute Cantaloupe Cycle 481.sav
  16. When mods are loaded (both when opening the main screen and when an actual save is started), it seems all of its assets are being preloaded, causing a memory spike. Furthermore, very likely due to the loading-unloading-reloading juggling of mods adopted due to RoG (loading all mods, unloading them, loading RoG and then reloading the mods), it seems that during this startup process the memory spike corresponds to double the amount of memory required by the assets of all mods combined, making this memory spike all the more substantial (with the extra assets only being purged at the end of the tick, i.e. of the iteration of the engine main loop). This has presented itself as a 'out of memory' engine level crash (often as an OpenGL error with an error code corresponding to memory exhaustion, but this is likely due to textures being mapped to RAM, since it doesn't look like VRAM per se is being exhausted) in the Windows version of Don't Starve, whose executable has the LAA (Large Address Awareness) flag unset, making it support only up to 2GB of RAM consumption, regardless of system RAM. This has only been reported three times when only Up and Away (together with several small mods) was enabled, but it happens quite consistently when Up and Away and Hero in the Dark, both large mods, are enabled at the same time. The issue appears to arise due to mod asset loading not being handled like it is for regular Don't Starve assets. Instead of registering assets to be loaded dynamically by the engine, it seems mod assets are simply loaded unconditionally and kept that way. Within ModWrangler:RegisterPrefabs(), in mods.lua, we have the following: RegisterPrefabs( Prefab("modbaseprefabs/MOD_"..mod.modname, nil, mod.Assets, prefabnames) ) local modname = "MOD_"..mod.modname TheSim:LoadPrefabs({modname})On the other hand, the function responsible for loading vanilla prefabs (RegisterPrefabs, in mainfunctions.lua) calls TheSim:RegisterPrefabs instead of TheSim:LoadPrefabs: TheSim:RegisterPrefab(prefab.name, prefab.assets, prefab.deps)I can't be sure of the underlying causes of the issue since I can't know in detail what the engine is doing behind the scenes, but I can safely say a memory spike caused by nothing other than the existence of (a large number of) mod assets is happening, and that this causes a crash for Windows users (and likely in any platform for users 2GB RAM or lower), effectively preventing them from playing large mods, let alone a combination of them.This looks like a nasty issue to solve, but given its gravity it'd be of immense help, for both mod makers and mod users, if it were addressed. As a side note, the loading-unloading-reloading mod juggling adopted as the current technique for RoG mod support, as mentioned before, is still extremely low for large mods, even though SethR's changes a while ago made its impact lower. The loading time of large mods for a Don't Starve installation with RoG is considerably larger than twice that for a Don't Starve installation without RoG. @DeathDisciple @kraken121
  17. Bug Submission Please choose a category *Pick the option that fits the issue the most. Ideally use this in your thread title aswell* [Crash] Platform * Pick your platform. For instance, standalone on Mac is also possible.* StandaloneLinux (Ubuntu 13.10)Do you use mods? no Version Number(taken from the bottom left corner of the screen after pressing backspace) Rev. 88571 2013-10-30_11-54-28 12:05:27Issue title Updater crashes on startup; game runs fine Steps to reproduce Navigate to the directory where you unzipped dontstarve_x64_1383879308.tar from Humble Bundle, and run dontstarve.sh. Observe that it prints out some warnings about Pango fonts, then segfaults even before it creates any new windows. Navigate within the dontstarve/ directory to bin/ and run dontstarve.sh from there. Observe that the game itself works fine, and the crash is in the updater. Any chance I can get either a working updater or a version of the game with the November 14 and November 19 bugfixes? I'm happy to run any commands on my machine that you think would help diagnose the problem. More details: My workaround for "updating" the game had been to re-download everything from Humble Bundle every time an update came out, and then just run the game directly and skip the updater. However, I have recently learned that I still don't have the November 14 bugfix (discovered because my ham bat loses durability). It appears that the most recent version I can download from Humble Bundle is the (un-bugfix'ed) All's Well That Maxwell version.Here's the output from the crash:Fontconfig error: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/10-scale-bitmap-fonts.conf", line 70: non-double matrix elementFontconfig error: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/10-scale-bitmap-fonts.conf", line 70: non-double matrix elementFontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/10-scale-bitmap-fonts.conf", line 78: saw unknown, expected number(updater:18416): Pango-CRITICAL **: No modules found:No builtin or dynamically loaded modules were found.PangoFc will not work correctly.This probably means there was an error in the creation of: '/etc/pango/pango.modules'You should create this file by running: pango-querymodules > '/etc/pango/pango.modules'(updater:18416): Pango-WARNING **: failed to choose a font, expect ugly output. engine-type='PangoRenderFc', script='latin'(updater:18416): Pango-WARNING **: failed to choose a font, expect ugly output. engine-type='PangoRenderFc', script='common'zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped) ./dontstarve.shAs suggested in that output, I have run pango-querymodules > '/etc/pango/pango.modules', so that that file contains an autogenerated comment but nothing else. This didn't affect the behavior, though. I strongly suspect these warnings are a red herring anyway: the updater used to work (when I was running Ubuntu 13.04) but would display little boxes instead of letters. I suspect the Pango warnings are basically saying that I'm going to have little boxes instead of letters, and I suspect that something else is causing the crash.I had previously asked about this here http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/28862-updated-ubuntu-to-1310-now-dont-starve-crashes-on-startup/ which is how I learned that I could still play the game even though the updater doesn't work. However, there was no further resolution of how to get a working updater.The updater.log file in the main dontstarve/ directory is empty. Whatever is crashing happens early enough that it doesn't write anything to the log file first.It seems I'm running updater version 19 (i.e., it's in a directory called 19/)I have also tried installing Steam and installing the game through there, but when I run that version it pops up a black window and immediately crashes (even before I can enter my product key), and I don't see any obvious error messages or logs. I have never used Steam before; I'd prefer to get the standalone version of the game updated with the most recent bugfixes.
  18. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=178054418 Basically i open Dont' Starve and load my save and......... Crash Linux 64bit Ubuntu 13.04, Ran last time i tried, tried 3 more times no go
  19. Shank 2 Mac OSX crash

    Very excited that Shank 2 is finally playable for Mac! Got the game in the Humble Bundle and was waiting for it to finally be playable!... and then I couldn't play it... :frown:I can start the game fine, but whenever I choose a Difficulty in Campaign mode or try to start Survival Mode, it crashes...Other people on Steam seem to be having the same problem, too...My iMac also seems to meet all the requirements, so I'm kinda stumped.Any chance I can get some help? I've attached the crash report...Thanks! Shank 2 crash.txt
  20. Hi guys,I'm looking to trade these items. The Civilization V key is from GMG and their XCOM promo, remember the game is Steamworks, so there will no issues with it.
  21. Hi, I was wondering if anybody knows of this issue, I'm trying to play on chrome but all I get is the background. I've already bought the keys and have access to them but it says in instructions I need to launch the app then redeem a key, however there is no redeem key button only the background. Does anybody know of a way to fix this or could I get a refund so I could try it on steam instead?
  22. Game Crash At Start Menu

    So a little while ago I purchased this game via Steam and was able to play it for a few days. Then, it decided to bug out on me and continually crash without reason. It happens only when I click on the start button to play the game at the main menu. All other buttons and functions work properly and without fail. I've registered my chache, re-installed the game a few times, and re-started my computer several times. Weird thing is that though this initially started on my M11X, I installed the game on my new M14X and the same issue occurs, even though the game had never been played on that computer before. I submitted a post on the Steam support forum detailing the same thing, but no one has been able to help me. I do recall shutting my computer while the game was running before it failed, but I had also done that before and it did not affect the game function at all. Does anyone have any idea what might fix this? Thanks for any help.
  23. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamVersion Number 70828 Issue title The Characater Just speaks & don't perform Actions Steps to reproduce I'm not sure... Because it appears on occasion, when i launch the game... Describe your issue When I Launch the game this thing appears and i have to sign out of the game launch again to play...also appears when i give pause in the game and i come to play after... My character just speaks when i click to him do anything..
  24. Shank on Mac OS X First level video crash

    System: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 6490M 256MB Game Source: Steam The game starts normally, goes to the main menu, cutscenes play ok. But as Soon as I choose a Normal game (irrespective of whether I choose to skip or play the first cutscene) the screen fades to black, stays black, the left top menu with Shank's face and weapons comes up.. immediately followed by the game crashing. I have all my software updates done and video card otherwise, works fine. Id be glad if someone could give a speedy reply!
  25. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamVersion Number - Issue title Butterflies to flowers Steps to reproduce 1. Catch butterfly with net. 2. Pick up butterfly from inventory. 3. 'Plant' butterfly 4. Puzzle over flower. Describe your issue Had set up my bee box near home, and wanted flowers closer to the box for possible faster production. Was running around with bug net equipped after harvesting the box, and happened to catch a butterfly. Went to release it, and instead it planted a flower. Repeated a half dozen times to confirm not a fluke, and each time got a flower, but am unable to simply dig up flowers like most other plants.