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Had a question about platforms @nome.

I've noticed that some people are hosting their servers on platform 19 (cough Klei cough) & 32. You had mentioned these numbers are bitfields (just a combination of other numbers).



Looking at the server names it seems 19 is PS4/PSN related. I'm wondering why Klei doesn't just use 0x02 in this case. 19 would seem to be 1/2/16 (PC, PSN, Xbox) and 32 would be 1/4/8/19 (???). I believe cross platform play currently isn't a thing, so I'm curious as to the purpose of this. For platform 19 I would guess your servers could be hosted on PC, PSN, or Xbox. Would the same be true for platform 32 (0x20)? Is it possible for anyone to host a server with any combination of platform numbers (eg. 1/8/16 or 2/16 etc). I feel like this is something only Klei could do, but what do I know :P Someone is running DST v -1000. :wilson_sneaky:



Anyway, thanks for the help :)

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Cross platform play isn't a thing for users on the internet because we don't have a good cross-platform NAT traversal system integrated and because we don't have the infrastructure to support keeping all the different platforms in sync, but internally for development we sometimes need to connect a PC build and a console build together to debug something..

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