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Steam Cloud support?

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Hi there. I was searching the forums for info about Steam Cloud but i haven't found anything useful or relevant. Did Don't Starve ever support this feature? Are there plans on adding it in the future? How can I backup my worlds?

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3 minutes ago, TitanicTigrex said:

Try using GeForce now, it’s free and works on most devices, it works with both don’t starve and dst.

I meant cloud saves not cloud gaming. I only just now found out that Steam also has a cloud gaming service named Steam Cloud Play?? What the heck?

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Don't Starve Together lacks cloud saving on the Steam platform. Sob.

If you want to back up your worlds you can find the relevant files (on Windows) under "My Documents" → "Klei". Your best bet is to make a backup copy of the whole "Klei" folder, just in case.

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