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Optimal battery ratio for solar panel pyramid

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I think the optimal battery ratio per solar panel is much less than many of us have been using.  It's 1.6 batteries per panel.  Watch this:  

We only need to save enough power under the dome above the 190W blue line in this graph (assuming constant max power draw of 190 W per panel).InsolationCurve.thumb.JPG.e454828e925d25664b01a51ed50061b5.JPG

Which comes to 1.6 batteries per panel or 8 batteries for the 5-panel pyramid.


This would be for fully exposed panels but it still seems to work with the pyramid, even though the we lose some power because of the way the panels are stacked.  At 2840W of power drain the batteries never go to zero, so this is really close.  At 2850 W  (190W * 15 panels) we still don't get any brownouts because there is some energy stored in the switching network.  Here is the power grid setup (one more stack to the right, not shown):


There is 2000W of consumers on the left and 850W on the right.

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simple answer for this is, you will win power when you build pyramid with solar panels.

 in my setup i used 5 layer solar panels,  9 off them, it was able pump in with 1 cycle the 36.3 Kj for 28 jumbo battery

with straight line build 5,6 solar panels was able pump in only 30.4 Kj

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