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Add my cat Olivia to don't starve together

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Hello! im here to make a petition to add my cat Olivia to don't starve together :P, not like a mob u encounter while playing, more like a pet you can craft from the rock den 



she's very cute and very fluffy and also enjoys fighting with my hand and sleeping :) 

don't starve together became one of my favorite games , and i would love to see my cat inmortalized in one of the best survival games i've ever played

in case something happened to her, i would still be able to play with her in my dont starve world :)


please, people from the dont starve forums, make this go viral so someone from klei can see this!!



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OMG!!! thanks everyone for the support!! i thought you guys we're gonna take it as a joke, but it's actually going well! :P 

we may have chances to make klei add Olivia to dont starve together!!

please, share this with your friends and everyone you know (if u dont want to, that's ok)  so we let know klei that dst community wants olivia in the game!!!

thanks everyone :) 

extra olivia pic :p


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