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  1. usually the "problem" with crossplay is not even the Dev/team/game, but the plataform companies that restrict this 'signature' for the only reason that they dont want it, 'sonny' is really annoying, narrowminded and stubborn about it... tho this feature would totally fit many/most online games...
  2. i would like to have at least the register of it, i myself, dont think its worthy sailing to go fishing...that might help change my opinion about it... i'm in, and mosters as well, why not?
  3. that could be a feature at least for carpet flooring, make it both different colors and patterns, that would change a bit o basing
  4. ohhh I see A catnip (I didn't know that it was a plant) be good anyways,....but I think we still need a it also has effect on it...
  5. i think they have some update in mind, as they always have the Yotsomething, cause china. so I hope that they will implement a newmob for the year in question, which mob will be?! prob a Cat-ish one... we only have catcoons (cat+racoon) now... so wait and we be seing a new catmob-ish next year...
  6. up, recently we got 2 skins variations for stone walls, so that be an aweeeesome thing to be incremented, only for aesthetic, as u said, that be great for some setpieces
  7. Bring it on.... now that is a truly request, like, it might be awesome... please do it xD
  8. I Think a little change would be good, tho its something to think out of the box, the same way Rwys update was.... but the crockpot system still "too oversimplified"
  9. i never got to really use ranged weapons in DST because i never understood why using the materials only give 1 simgle dart with a specific damage. kinda agree with increasing the use of, receiving at least 2 per craft would already be nice, but your ideia came greatfully, i just would reduce a litte more damage to 40, but still 5 per craft...
  10. I like the ideia of more "cave" bosses, but I once thought of a mini-boss just like a treeguard, but would be a mush guard, after choping/picking a certain amout of caps, it would spawn a "mushroom"-boss-like with an average drop, and more mushrooms, but i Think we need a "different" boss per say
  11. when I had a bad computer, I, most of the time, suffered from those... so I think its totally fair to have a 1-2 secs invunerability
  12. I played Maxwell only in Don't starve, unfortunately i didn't play him in DST but i totally agree with U, like hell a great idea for whom once was the king of the constant. and his nightmare skills should also be considered, like having a discount on itens that uses Nightmare fuel, it also makes sense. and just thought of a new "buff" like having a craft that compresses 5 nightmare fuel + 1 spider gland (bagmare of health) for a brief boost of 25 points on his health for 4 minutes, just for the matter, but it could only be used if he has not create his shadow clones yet... or even give this to his clone, even better
  13. now that u said it, i've to realize that it makes total sense to have a pizza shared with others, like u harvest a crock pot, and have 4 slices of pizza, right of the bat, making it the first "shareable" food in DST, toss 4 ingredients, boom 4 slices, and also could this gave me an idea of having 3 variations, like one for hunger, one for sanity and other for health. Hunger: 1 electric milk - 1 meat - 1 corn - 1 tomato = 4 slices, 35 hunger, 0 sanity, 3 health (pattern). Total 140 hunger and 12 health *Name: Pizzerone (pizza + pepperoni) Sanity: 1 electric milk - 1 cactus - 1 cooked green cap - 1 grilled Tomato = 4 slices, 5 hunger, 25 sanity, 3 health. Total 20 hunger, 100 sanity, 12 health *Name: Mushizza (mushroom+ pizza) Health: 1 electric milk - 1 dragon fruit - 1 garlic - 1 potato = 4 slices, 5 hunger, 0 sanity, 33 health. Total 20 hunger and 132 health *Name: Pizziness (pizza+fitness) electric milk is a rare ingredient, therefore, i think its reasonable to have this high stats
  14. i would really enjoy even more, having achievements makes you go even further through some discover. i don't think its impossible, and there could have one or 2 hidden achievements... just for the fun