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New to the game, sort of. Question about wild hatches

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Hi all, I am kinda new to the game.

I have a question. Wild hatches gobble up matter lying around from digging. Matter that are otherwise useful for construction. I know they poop out coal in return. My question is, should I kill them to prevent that or leave them alone?

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8 minutes ago, hedition said:

Thanks. Well I don't mean actually kill, just wondering if it is consider a "loss" if they go around eating matter and excreting coal, in general.

it can be some trouble yes if they todo that, but its not big loss as game have allot materjals

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Depends what they're eating. I would value coal higher than basic materials like rocks or sand, but lower than algae (oxy), dirt (food) or metal ore.

That said, I wouldn't be too worried. They only eat 10% as much while they're wild, which is fairly negligible. Lock up your valuables in storage containers if it worries you.

Don't kill them, they're a great mid-game food source.

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