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  1. I have over a 100 pacus in a 30 x 4 tank
  2. Does that mean it is not wise to learn everything if the skills are probably never gonna be used? e.g have every dupe learn cooking cos they have skill points and nothing else to learn.
  3. I have a very similar problem and it frustrates the hell out of me. I have a few such checkpoints as I dig in different directions. I place my distillers outside the base so the infected slime gets distilled right away. The resulting algae is infected and dupes are supposed to move them into storage in the chlorine room first. But instead they took the infected algae and supply o2 diffusers all over my base. No it is not fatal and all my dupes are infected to a certain degree and they will all recover. I just do not like it. No need to tell me how not to fear slimelung and crap. My solution was to use automation to ship all algae in the room of storage for these algae and turn off manual use.
  4. I kill morbs straight away now, after I learnt they produce slimelung. There are much easier ways to produce PO2. PH2O being the easiest. Like seriously my biggest problem is overpressure of PO2 in caverns 4x bigger than my base.
  5. The problem isn't with helping them facilitate their supplying of a distant station, but PREVENT them. Stop them from carry a certain resource past a certain point.
  6. I am quite sick of my dupes carrying slime or bleach stone from one end of my base to supply a hand sanitizer or algae distiller, only to have them drop it halfway. I added storage on beside these structures with their own supply. Why do the dupes supply one a hundred of tiles away? It will be great if checkpoints can be added to limit certain supply from passing through
  7. I suspect this is the case. I notice sometimes after i disconnect a pipe network and deconstruct a gas filter, some residual gas gets released. Even after the whole pipe network is allowed to run dry and then powered down. What wow O_o I did not know Morbs spawn slimelung. That may explain why. The chamber did have 2 morbs in there.
  8. I am pretty sure no part of this process required dupe intervention. The germ must have came from the gas released from the tank which was supposed to be germ free. Does gas linger in a pipe if both ends are emptied out?
  9. I had a chlorine clean room that sits between my base and the slime biome. I cleared everything out and pumped all polluted oxygen into a gas tank and have it sit in the clean room for a few cycles. Before I pump everything out into my polluted oxygen chamber where my pufts are, I checked there were no more germs. However after I release everything into the chamber and for more than 20 cycles I did not notice there were residual germs. After a while to my horror the room is infested with millions of slimelung. I loaded a much earlier save to check how this happened. After I released the assumed germ free po2 into the chamber, there were some (like less than a hundred) slimelung lingering in one of the po2 block. I have no idea how this came to be. Now I know slimelung is no big deal especially since I contained all these in a chamber I can always pump them to the clean room again. However I wanna investigate how this happened so I can take measures in future. This was my process 1. pump germ infested po2 from slime biome into chlorine rooom gas tank. 2. turn off pump, let everything sit in the tank 3. check to make sure no gas are in the input pipe 4. After a few cycle mouse over the tank to check for germs 5. release the germ free po2 Were there residual po2 in the pipes or bridges that were not in the tank during the disinfect process?
  10. I know certain machines draw power constantly while others only draw power when it operates. Like I know diffusers stop drawing power when it halt on max pressure and other similar gadgets. I am not sure about massage table and shearing station etc though.
  11. That sounds really good with further thinking. In my first colony I had 3 starters with +7s and a corresponding positive trait (e.g mole hands for digger). Howwever as I advance the game it feels like there is no reason why the dupes cannot be proficient in multiple things and enjoy more morale. I just started a new colony with reseacher + quicker learner and 2 other interest in digging, farming, decor and others. The start is slower for sure without my +7 excavation guy and +7 science. Hope it pays off soon. This route sure requires more experience though as the start is slower, thus food and oxygen are spent more before I can generate them.
  12. Hi I am a new player. I am trying to slowly understand each aspect of the game and this interest thing caught my attention. Is getting 1 interest better than getting 3 interests? Getting 3 interests gives more morale it seems as there are more skills I can learn that provides the moral bonus. However I am not sure how important the initial +7 bonus from a single interest is against the +1/+1/+1 if there are any skill caps and if these bonuses exceeds said cap.
  13. Did anyone notice grumble bees can fly over water? Or is it just me? I was doing the wall method with bee queen last night and I noticed the grumble bees flying over the edge of the water, over the water to the other side instead of going a big round as they did in the past.
  14. I welcome the changes. But please, cut back the play frequency of the new music. It is driving me nuts.